Why do i feel indifferent

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i feel indifferent

Lack of interest can be easily understood but why would someone become indifferent?
Why would someone allow his life to collapse in front of his eyes without doing anything?
Why would someone become indifferent towards an action that can help him improve his life?

Indifference is the state where a person stops caring about moving towards his goals. If a student decided not to study and didn't even feel guilty about it before the exams then he is said to be indifferent.

In this article i will tell you why do you feel indifferent and help you get over indifference.

This is why you feel indifferent

Why would someone stop pursing his goals even though he is badly in need of reaching them?

Here are the main reasons that could make you feel indifferent:

  • 1) Problems with another major life area: If one of your most important life areas had problems then you might become indifferent towards other less important life areas. For example if your career was the most important thing in your life and if you were doing really bad in it then you might become indifferent towards eating and so gain weight. While your body shape is still important to you still its not as important as your major life area which is your career
  • 2) Indifference and doubts: The second factor that can make you feel indifferent is starting to doubt that the action you are taking will help you reach your important goal. Lets suppose that you wanted to be rich and then decided to start an internet business. If you started having doubts about your ability to become rich through the internet then you will certainly feel indifferent. In such a case your big goal is still the same, which is wanting to become rich, but you started doubting the route you are taking
  • 3) Indifference and loss of hope: That's the most common reason for indifference. Most people will feel indifferent when they lose hope in reaching their goals. The guy who wanted to quit smoking and who tired 20 times without succeeding might become indifferent towards smoking. Not because he doesn't care but because he lost hope. (see also Why do people smoke)
  • 4)Indifference and fears: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that If you had a low self esteem you might be afraid to take any step that might lead to testing your self worth. Believe it or not, the reason you might be feeling indifferent is low self esteem

How to stop feeling indifferent

So how to stop feeling indifferent?
There are three things that you can do in order to stop feeling indifferent:

  • 1) Flexibility and indifference: Be flexible and you won't feel indifferent. Whenever a method don't work or whenever you lose trust in a method then change it and try another one
  • 2) Build self esteem: If you started to trust your own skills and abilities you are going to feel less indifferent.
  • 3) Deal with depression: What does depression has to do with indifference? In fact depression is a state of loss of hope. If you lost hope you will feel indifferent and that's why finding a way to restore hope back can help you kill indifference (see How to understand depression)

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