5 ways to end worrying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why worrying can prevent happiness

Many recent studies have reached the conclusion that a person can be really happy when he manages to focus on the current moment. Because worrying is one of the emotions that forces people to imagine negative future scenarios they can hardly focus on the current moment and so they feel less happy.

Not only will worrying prevent you from feeling happy but the negative thoughts associated with the negative scenarios you will imagine can make you feel down if not depressed.

Because worrying is really dangerous I decided to write this post to tell you how to stop worrying and become more positive.

5 ways to end worrying today

  • 1) Respond with actions: Most people worry about important things in their lives but never take an actual step to ease their worries. If you are worried about your ability to pay your bills then you need to take serious actions to find a higher paying job. As soon as you start taking the actions your worries will ease since the primary reason your mind made you worry is to find a solution for this important problem
  • 2) Find the correct facts: People worry when they have incorrect information or when they don’t have enough information. Lets suppose you had doubts that a certain stomach ache means that you have a dangerous disease, in such a case talking to an expert can end your worries right away as you might discover that you have been misinformed. Don’t fall in the trap of collecting information from friends or incorrect sources but instead head for experts. (see also Why do we worry)
  • 3) Create a backup plan: The main reason a large percentage of people worry is that they don’t know what will happen if their fears came true. If you are too afraid to lose your job then make sure you have a backup plan. This backup plan will calm your mind down and make you worry less often. As soon as you remember your plan your worries will ease provided that you believe in the plan (see also Why you should write plans)
  • 4) Do a reality check: You did poorly on an exam, so you started worrying about failing that subject then thoughts of finishing college late came to your mind then after that you started thinking of how will it be like to be a jobless person. Hey, hey wait! The exam results did even show up yet. All of these scenarios you created in your mind didn’t happen and might not happen at all. Doing a reality check is a always a good way to remind yourself that your worries make no sense (see also Negative thinking)
  • 5) Don’t accumulate your worries: Many people keep accumulating new worries without doing anything to deal with them and as a result they end up feeling horrible after sometime. As soon as you encounter a new problem take the needed actions to get it out your head if there was something that can be done about it.

Bonus worring reduction tip

Stop the compulsive checking of data. I saw stock market investors who checked the value of their portfolio every few hours even though they had no intentions to sell their stocks before months.

In other words, if you aren’t going to take an action anyway then don’t compulsively check the data that makes you worry. If you know an interviewer will reply to you within three days then stop checking your email every few minutes and just wait for the third day.

Do your best to end your worries and you will live a much happier life

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