How to change your emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to change your emotions

Experiences get stored in our brains just like files get stored in the folders of a computer. Once you recall a certain experience your mind will access the folder that contains all similar experiences and as a result your emotions will intensify.

Do you remember how you felt the last time a friend annoyed you?
Most probably you started remembering all of the bad things that he did to you before and maybe you also started remembering all the similar bad things that other people did to you.

Our memories are selective, this means that we only remember the things that we want to remember depending on the emotions we are experiencing. When you felt angry your selective memory started to recall all situations that made you angry in the past and that's why your anger became more intense.

Now what if few minutes later your friend called you and told you that he is sorry and that he didn't mean to annoy you. At this point your selective memory will let you recall the good things that this person did to you before and it will prevent you from remembering the bad things that he did.

When your emotions changed your mind accessed a different folder inside your brain that contains all the good things that this person did.

So how can you use such information to change your emotions?

Changing your emotions

The starting point of your thoughts is extremely important because its the one that will determine which folder your mind is going to access. If your initial thought was negative then most probably you will start recalling more negative thoughts and you will end up feeling really bad.

In order to change your emotions you need to make sure that you use some kind of a trigger that can help you access the right folder in your brain.

So how can you do this?

  • 1) Take a powerful action: Sometimes you need to take an action while you are feeling bad in order to change your emotions to the better. In many cases you wont be able to change your emotions before you take a certain action, For example if you were procrastinating since a long time then suddenly you started doing the things that you always wanted to do then within few days your mind will be forced into the positive area and your emotions will be changed to positive ones
  • 2) Create the starting point I am sure that there is some kind of music that can help you feel good or at least help you get one positive thought. Listening to such music can be the trigger that forces your mind into the positive track. This trigger can extend to include talking to certain people, visualizing certain goals or recalling your big dreams. Just use whatever trigger you can use to trigger positive thoughts
  • 3) Avoid the wrong triggers As you now know one negative thought can force you to recall all the other related negative thoughts that's why you should always do your best to avoid negative triggers such as negative people, negative self talk or negative media

Changing your emotions and taking actions

Some people think that all what they need to do to feel good or to change their emotions to the better is to think positively or use affirmations. While these methods can have a temporary effect on their moods sooner or later their life problems will force them to think negatively and as a result their emotions will change to the worse.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that most people mistakenly think that their emotions are the starting point of their bad moods while in fact they are just the result of the unsolved life problems they didn't deal with.

If you kept ignoring your goals and dreams while thinking positively then sooner or later your subconscious mind will send you bad emotions in order to motivate you to peruse your goals.

If you really want to change your emotions then apply what you read in this article while taking serious actions to solve your life problems.

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