Why do we remember certain things but forget others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we remember certain things but forget others

why do we remember certain things but forget others?
Why do we remember certain dreams?
Why can we sometimes remember something that happened 10 years but and forget something that happened last month?

before i answer these questions let me ask you other ones. Do you remember what you ate 30 days ago? I am sure you don't.

So let me ask you another question, do you remember the last time someone criticized you harshly? I am not only sure that you remember that event but i am also sure that you remember all of its details.

So what governs our memories? In this article i will tell you why we remember certain things but forget others.

The reason we remember certain things and forget others

Below are some reasons that will help you understand why do we remember certain events, dreams or things while forgetting others:

  • Relevancy of the memory: How relevant is the memory to your life? Will such a memory help you reach your current life goals? If the memory had any connection to your important life goals then you are very likely to remember it
  • Remembering emotional pain: If you still suffer because of something that happened to you in the past then certainly these bad feelings will make sure that you keep remembering that event. That's why childhood memories of abuse seem to never fade away (see also Why childhood experiences affect adulthood)
  • Your beliefs & your memories : Do you know that your current beliefs affect your memory? In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people who lack confidence remember all the events that prove that they are unloved while they forget about all the compliments they receive. Your beliefs strongly affect your memory and your ability to remember certain things
  • Subconscious mind and forgetting: One theory states that the subconscious mind sometimes omits certain things from your memory if it doesn't believe that they are important. If for example you promised a friend that you will meet him then forgot completely about that promise then this might mean that your subconscious mind doesn't believe that meeting this person will be useful to you
  • Unresolved issues: Why do you remember semi-finished tasks but forget about completed ones? As long as a task is half finished your subconscious mind becomes concerned about it and so it reminds you of it every now and then. The same exactly goes for unsolved life problems. That's why we become worried and feel anxious.

Why do we remember certain dreams but forget others

The laws that govern memories are almost the same as the laws that govern dreams. For example If you had a dream that reminded you of your current important goals or your important unsolved problems then you will certainly remember it.

Based on all of these facts it would be very wise that you examine your most signifiacnt memories in order to know more about your unconscious concerns and in order to be able to solve your life problems.

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