How to hide your emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to hide your emotions

How many times you felt like wanting to hide your emotions but didn't manage to do it?
How many times you wished that people lacked the ability to read your emotions?
How many times you blushed without wanting it to happen?

Honesty and openness are two important values that everyone must stick to but in many cases hiding your emotions becomes the wise decision that you must take in order to avoid bigger problems.

In this article i will tell you about many ways you can use to hide your emotions.

Hiding your emotions

A friend once told me that he fears doing presentations in front of others because he don't want to appear afraid in front of them. I told him that being afraid is not the problem but the important thing is to never let the audience know that you are afraid.

Sometimes hiding your emotions is all you need to do in order to speak in public in a perfect way. I am not telling you to ignore dealing with your fears but at least you can learn how to hide your emotions until you get over them.

This is how to hide your emotions

So how can you hide your emotions?

  • 1) Prevent them from being triggered: This might sound like a weird advice, After all if someone can prevent his emotions from being triggered then life would have been much easier. In fact you can prevent your unwanted emotions from being triggered by preventing the self talk phrases that triggers them. hiding your emotions is not only about experiencing them then trying to hide them but it also involves preventing them from appearing(see How to control your thoughts)
  • 2) Provide more options: your subconscious mind will always chose the best option available in each situation. If someone annoyed you and your subconscious mind found no options other than anger then it will make you feel angry as it will think that anger is the best option. If you learned assertiveness for example then the next time the same situation happens your subconscious mind will have two options and it might not make you feel angry. For more information on hiding your emotions by adding options check out choosing your emotions
  • 3) Learn body language: Most of your emotions are revealed through your body language. If you learned body language well you will be able to hide most of your unwanted emotions. After all even if you experienced an emotion people won't notice it unless you send it to them in the form of a body language gesture. One of the perfect ways you can use to hide your emotions is to learn body language. you can Learn all body language gestures here

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