Why happiness advice don't work for you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why happiness advice don't work for you

So you have read so many tips about finding happiness, tried most self development schools, gave yoga a chance and even tested medications but nothing worked for you.

Have you ever tried to rescue someone who's drowning by giving him an interesting book to read under water?

The only thing such a soloution could lead to is making his death more interesting. In other words, most of the solutions you have been trying are coping strategies and not permanent solutions.

Positive thinking, spirituality, yoga, medications and everything else you tried are amazing coping tools that can help you ease the pain but can any of them rend your sadness for good?

This can never happen and that's why you are still sad. Its not about your approach but its all about using the wrong method to bring happiness.

Why you aren't happy

Few weeks ago i was about to lose a very large sum of money i invested in an offshore company.

After few days i realized that i might have been scammed and because the amount i invested was a very large portion of my savings i got the worst bad mood ever. for 3 days i couldn't even get out of bed.

Now how would i felt like if someone told me to try to do yoga to feel good?
Of course i would have felt that this person is disconnected from reality and that his soloution is totally lame.

Starting day four i started making visits to institutes that can help me get my money back and only then i started to feel better.

Do you know why i felt better? its because i was tackling the main issue that was responsible for my bad mood.

Imagine having severe dental pain because one of your teeth needs to be removed then letting the dentist work on a completely different tooth that doesn't hurt!!

This is the same exactly as trying to improve your mood by doing something completely unrelated to what's bothering you.

How to find the magical happiness pill

After one hard week my money arrived to my bank account and at the same moment i jumped out of bed feeling like super man. All the pain i felt during the week turned into a funny memory and all the sadness suddenly turned into tremendous happiness.

Do you know why this happened?
Because the main issue that was responsible for my bad mood was eliminated. This is exactly what you need to do if you want to find happiness.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that in order to find happiness you first need to understand yourself because most probably you aren't even aware of the reason that is making you sad right now. Next you need to work on eliminating that reason.

It might take you months or even years but with each step towards your destination you will become a happier person until you will find ultimate happiness.

When your arm gets broken don't put your leg in cast but put your hand in cast instead. This is the only way to heal and find happiness.

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