How can i improve my life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can i improve my life

How can i improve my life? Before i can help you find the answer to this question let me first tell you a quick story about one of my friends who is called Steve.

Steve was in the kitchen and he mistakenly placed his hand above the fire of the stove. Steve started experiencing pain but he didn't move his hand. Steve kept screaming but he didn't move his hand from its place.

Sounds like i have a mad friend right? I am sure that the question that is now in your mind is why didn't Steve move his hand even though he was in pain?

While this is not a true story still your life story might be the true version of this
one! Read this article to know how you can improve your life.

This is how you can improve your life

Are you happy with your life?
Are you really satisfied with your life?
Do you love everything about your life and about yourself?
I am sure you don't else you wouldn't have been reading an article with the title "How can i improve my life"

So if you are not happy with your life then why aren't you trying to take an action to improve it? What are you waiting for? Few moments ago you thought that my friend Steve is mad because he wasn't helping himself even though he was suffering and now you are doing exactly the same by living a life that you don't like without doing anything about it. (see Why do people suffer)

Why aren't you taking any serious action to help yourself?

Here are three famous examples of people who do exactly like Steve in their real lives:

  • Procrastinators: Some people are in deep need of making certain achievements yet they are procrastinating and wasting their time. If you want to improve your life then you must understand that unless you turn your desire for change to quick actions then you will never see the light
  • Indifferent people: I know hundreds of people who hate their body shape yet they never exercise. If you are one of those people who are indifferent to helping themselves then know that you will never manage to live a good life before you start helping yourself out. An extremely important step that you must take to improve your life is to kill this indifference (see Indifference explained)
  • Cowards: Most people want to do big things in life but they are held back by their fears, anxieties and the desire to live in their comfort zones. You will never be able to improve your life before you develop courage (see How to develop courage). I wont blame you if you told me that you prefer to stay in your comfort zone but just know that the price you are going to pay will be your own long term happiness

If you want to improve your life then you must help yourself

When i see a disabled person or someone who has a certain disease that prevents him from doing something extraordinary i know that he is doing his best even if it appeared to people that he is doing nothing but i feel really bad when i see people who are 100% healthy and problems free yet they are disabled by their fears, helplessness and the lack of the desire to help themselves out.


Some people are disabled because God decided to make them like that while some others are disabled because they decided to stay like that. If you are serious about improving your life then you must start helping yourself out.

If you aren't taking strong actions to improve your life then why are you complaining about the bad life you are living?

Some people live miserable lives because they decided that they wont fight for a better life. Do you want to belong to this group?

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