I need help with my life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

i need help with my life

I need help with my life
I need help with depression
I am really in need of help

How many times have you found your life falling apart?
How many times you have found yourself drifting away from your dreams?
How many times have you found yourself completely helpless?

I am sure at such times that you felt that you need help and i am also sure that in many times you didn't find it.

If you feel that you need help with your life then you should first read this article before you ask for help.

He needs help with his life

Everything was going so bad in Jose's life. His life was messed up and he was about to give up on his goals. He felt that he needed help with his life and that he needed help with the depression that he had.

Suddenly and out of nowhere a wise man with a white beard appeared and encouraged him. Few moments later Jose became so motivated and he solved all of his problems in few days.

The End

That wasn't a real story by the way. It was a part of a Hollywood movie!

No one will help you with your life

Movies, the media and our culture has taught us in many ways to escape from responsibility and to wait for a savior who can help us out. Usually the good guy in any movie finds someone to inspire him, to help him or a white knight who solves his problems for him.

But the real world is different.
In the real world no white knights will appear to help you with your life
No old wise man will tell you about the right direction you should take
and you wont find someone to help you with your life all the time.

You are that white night you are waiting for
You are that old wise man
You are the only one who can help himself out.

Don't run and help yourself with your own life

We humans are masters of creating excuses. As soon as we find an excuse that is convincing enough ,even if it wasn't true, we lie to ourselves and even believe in it. (see Self deception methods)

Waiting for someone to help you with your life can be a powerful excuse that allows you to escape from your responsibilities and to not help yourself.

I am not telling you that your life is easy
I am not telling you that you are not suffering now
But all i am telling you is that you are powerful enough to help yourself

You are that white knight you are waiting for

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