Top 20 mistakes that could ruin your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Its always a good thing to learn from your own mistakes but what's even better than learning from your mistakes is learning from the mistakes others did!

Below are 20 common mistakes that could ruin your life so do your best to avoid them.

Top 20 mistakes that could ruin your life

  • 1) Being born after you graduate: Starting to think about your future when you are already 23,24 or even 30 years old. The Earlier you start the better your chance will be (see also Is it too late to succeed?)
  • 2) Not Studying your manual: Studying the instruction manual of all gadgets while ignoring your own manual (not studying psychology)
  • 3) Getting married without truly understanding your needs: We all have certain needs that need to be met, marry someone who can't satisfy them and your life will become a mess
  • 4) Getting stuck with routine: Trying the same thing that didn't work over and over
  • 5) Not being flexible: Not being flexible to change your course, job or even Career
  • 6) Prolonged celebration: Spending years celebrating a victory only to realize few years later that you are now lagging behind
  • 7) Not understanding that time runs quickly: Procrastinating. Enough said
  • 8) Believing people who put you down Had they known better their lives would have been amazing but obviously it isn't
  • 9) Giving up: You only fail when you stop trying
  • 10) Following the crowd: Are they extremely happy, satisfied with their lives or living their dreams? Follow the crowd and you will end up being like them
  • 11) Lying to yourself: Do you believe in something that is not true just because you are afraid to face the truth? (Example: Luck)
  • 12) Taking the definition of happiness from others: We are all different. What makes you happy might be way different than what makes others happy. Understand your own happiness keys
  • 13) The experience trap: Spending your whole career collecting experience while forgetting that money is as important as experience! After all you are collecting experience to start earning money! (see 7 Life mistakes to avoid)
  • 14) Giving up on a hobby or something you love: If you believed those who tell you that your studies are more important than your hobbies you might prevent yourself from becoming an expert at what you had passion for
  • 15)Lowering your ambition: Lower your ambition because of believing you can't reach your goals once and you will end up with no ambition after some time
  • 16) Don't understand that skills are collected not inherited: Yes some people are more skilled and talented than you but they were not born that way! They just collected them!
  • 17) Thinking that you are worthless: Just because someone, who doesn't know how to judge people, thought so
  • 18) Thinking that success must happen quickly: Yes it might but the general rule is: It takes time:
  • 19) Not moving: Those who stop moving Die, those who keep moving usually survive
  • 20) Once Again Giving up

But i made all (or some) of those mistakes, am i done for?

Of course no! This article was written to help you save time by preventing you from repeating the same mistakes people do, however, if you did some or even all of them you still have a chance to start over by fixing your mistakes.

In my article Is it too late to succeed in life i explained how you can always start over and reach your goals. In other words, as long as you are still alive you do have a chance!

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