How to become successful after 40

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can i succeed at an old age?

Ever told a friend of yours that you want to become successful in life then he replied saying that its too late?

I personally know many people who are at their late twenties and early thirties and who believe that time for success has passed already. Depression happens when you believe that there is no hope in reaching an important goal.

Now if you believed that time for success has passed already then you will certainly get depressed (assuming that success is important for you). No medications or actions can help you in such a case because after all the only soloution is to bring the past back.

Only soloution?
No, actually there is another soloution.
What about bringing back hope by showing yourself that some people have actually succeeded at and old age?

How to become successful after 40

Mark Pincus was an enthusiastic little kid who always wanted to do something big. One day he couldn't sleep at night because of knowing about the release of the first web browser. He kept browsing the web and wondering whether this can be the future of computers.

Mark wrote an article about the future of the web and because his article was so good an investor who came across it offered him funding to help him make his vision true. Mark started a small company that was shortly acquired by another company and he instantly became a millionaire.

Few month later however problems started to happen inside the major company that acquired his small one and the company failed. Mark found himself again at the starting point but he decided to give it another shot. He started another company that also failed after some time.

Mark then decided to start a social network but the unexpected growth of my-space killed his hopes and forced him to stop working on his third project.

Mark was almost forty and he was spending a lot of time playing computer games at that time. While doing so he discovered that many people would do anything to pass a certain difficult level even if this thing was paying money.

Mark quickly founded another company that created online games and soon his games became very popular. Mafia wars, Farm ville are among the great games mark have created.

Within a short period of time mark has became a billionaire with a net worth around 2 billion.

Lessons to learn from Mark Pincus

  • 1) The more you try the luckier you get: Mark didn't become a billionaire at the first attempt but he failed three times before the fourth attempt helped him reach his goals. Luck is all about the number of tries, each time you fail you learn new things that increase your chance of becoming successful in the next attempt. If you kept trying you will reach a level of knowledge that will prevent you from failing (see The secret to getting what you want in life)
  • 2) Being prepared: Mark wasn't sleeping in his bed wishing that the universe will help him nor he was repeating affirmations then doing nothing. He was always developing his skills, meeting people and searching for the opportunity that would change his life. People who search for opportunities find them.
  • 3) I will do it: The determination to become a big player in the Tech industry has motivated mark to start over 4 times. Just like it happens in every success story i write about determination was the reason Mark finally became one of the most successful people in the world at the age of 47

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