top mistakes to avoid in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Regret is a horrible emotion

Regret can sometimes be an unbearable emotion. After all when you realize that you could have done something differently to improve your life you might feel really bad.

The best way to get over regret is to avoid it from the beginning. By getting to know the top life mistakes people make you can get to avoid them and live a happier life.

Top mistakes to avoid in life

Here are the top mistakes you should avoid doing in order to live a happy life:

  • 1) Following the crowd: As soon as you grow up enough to take your own decisions you will find everyone pressuring you to follow the crowd. Under that pressure many people fear to move alone in different road then they stick to the crowd only to end up as miserable as them (see 5 reasons you should never follow the crowd)
  • 2) Investing more than you can afford to lose: Throughout your life you will get more than one opportunity to get very big return on the money you invest. Some of these opportunities can be scams and the only way to keep yourself safe is to not invest more than what you can afford to lose.
  • 3) Getting married to someone you don't really like: Under the pressure people get subjected to from society they start to settle for ones they don't really like just not to stay single. You can change your car if you don't like it even if it took you years but changing a spouse can sometimes ruin your life. Don't get married before you know what you want exactly. (see also How peer pressure leads to divorce)
  • 4) Lack of self understanding: So you know how to use computers, tablets and cars but you don't know what to do when your mood swings or gets worse. Getting more self understanding is the only way that can help you live a happy life because you will be able to peruse what really matters to you. (see also How to live a happy life)
  • 5) Not doing a research on God/religion: Is there a God? Are religions true? Is there one route to salvation? Do you have any solid evidence to support your current beliefs? Answering any of these questions incorrectly might ruin your life and that's why you should spend months if not years finding out your answers
  • 6) Giving up on your dreams: Fighting for what you believe in might not be easy and can bring you a lot of stress but giving up will bring you pain, regret, sadness and depression. Keep fighting for what you believe in and if you got it you will live a happy life while if you didn't you will die a warrior
  • 7) Not discovering your passion: Nothing can make your life worse than doing something that you don't like everyday. Most people don't follow their passion because they never give themselves the chance to find out what they are truly passionate about. Find your passion and follow it, not only you will live a happy life but you will be a successful person

What if i did some of these mistakes?

Its totally OK to make some or even all of those mistakes. Just start now and forget about your past and within few years you will find that your life improved a great deal.

Even if you are 60 years old now you can still start over. You don't need more than few years to turn your life around and make it prosperous. (see Am i too old to start over?)

When you become happy you will forget about the time you wasted and you will enjoy your life till the end of it.

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