how peer pressure leads to divorce

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What are the reasons for divorce?

Divorce is a complicated subject with so many reasons reasons behind it. Try to search the web for reasons for divorce and you will find the same list everywhere. Financial problems, substance abuse and many other popular reasons will be highlighted in every divorce causes list.

While those reasons are correct still there is one extremely important one that leads to divorce that people seldomly talk about which is peer pressure.

I know that the first thing that came to your mind now when i mentioned peer pressure is the kind of pressure that lets someone thinks about divorce but that's not what i am going to talk about at all. (see also How your friends influence you)

The kind of peer pressure i am referring to this time is the one that lets people make the wrong choice from the beginning!

What is love?

Those who were brainwashed by the media might not want to believe in the following facts because they won't sound so romantic to them.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that people fall in love to compensate for the unmet needs that they developed throughout their lives especially during their childhood. (This is something that they probably won't tell you in twilight or sweet November)

The perfect match for any person is the one who can allow him to compensate for most of his unmet needs. Now here is why people make the wrong choice when choosing a life partner:

  • 1) Most people aren't even aware of their unmet needs: Lack of self understanding is so common among people that only a few of them really know about their unmet needs and psychological wounds.
  • 2) People were brainwashed by the media: When you receive tens of thousands of messages throughout your life from the media describing love in a different way than its truly is then the possibility of choosing the wrong mate increases 100 folds (see also What is true love)

How peer pressure leads to divorce

Friends can easily affect a person's decision when he is about to get into a relationship. If people kept recommending a certain person for you then you might start to think that he is really good.

Now here is why this can lead to catastrophe: each person has different needs and that's why he only recommends the people who fit his own needs. In other words when a friend of yours tells you that someone is good for you he is actually describing what's good for him according to his own unmet needs. (see Why each person gets attracted to different people)

Now if you submitted to this pressure and got into a relationship with someone based on these recommendations you will shortly discover that you are not satisfied simply because this person can't satisfy your unique unmet needs. (see Why do we fall in love)

That's how peer pressure leads to divorce. Understand yourself perfectly so that you know the type of person who is the most suitable for you.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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