What is true love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is true love

I was reading people's comments in a Facebook group and found one of them saying in response to others "If you truly love someone then you will never be able to forget him"

For years i have been coaching people who want to recover from breakups and i rarely failed to help someone forget his lover in few days whether it was just a crush or true love.

The only one factor that determines the ability of a person to recover from breakup is his belief system. People who have proper beliefs about love and relationships feel bad like everyone else but they recover in few days, on the other hand, those who have false beliefs about love suffer for long periods of time.

One of the most famous false beliefs that prevents a large number of people from recovering from breakups is the false definition of real love.

What is true love anyways? Does true love really exist?
Lets see what science has to say about that.

The truth about true love

We fall in love when certain chemicals and hormones are released in our bodies.
In the beginning of any relationship those hormones are usually very intense and they are responsible for the passion people feel towards each other.

According to studies this passion always fades away as the time passes (at most it lasts for seven years). Now the first thing that people who have a wrong definition of true love believe in is that love can never fade away while biology, psychology and reality tell us otherwise.

People who believe in true love don't know that love is just an emotion felt when we find someone who can help us satisfy our psychological unmet needs. Of course most people never realize this fact because everything takes place behind the scenes in the subconscious mind.

This means that finding any person who can satisfy these psychological unmet needs will help you forget your old partner.

Why do some people never recover from breakups?

Lots of people never recover from breakups because:

  • They believe that there is something called true love while in fact its all about psychological needs.
  • In my book How to get over anyone in few days i said that "The One" concept is one of the major false beliefs responsible for preventing people from recovering. Some people think that only one person can be their true love while in the fact the world is full of potential partners who can satisfy their psychological unmet needs
  • As a result of the previous points they become obsessed with their old lover and never give themselves the chance to meet other people, this prevents them from finding a new person who can fill the psychological gap and so their false beliefs become even more solid

Final words about Real true love

I know you might not like this but i am sorry to say that the media fooled you.
When people created the twilight movie they were only focusing on one thing, getting your money!!

they had to play on your deepest emotions to get what's in your wallet and they succeeded.

There is no such a thing as true love, its all about chemicals and unmet needs.

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