Don't Let anyone put you down

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Presenting the idea and getting Rejections

"Guys I am starting a social network"

That's how boldly i told so many people about my goal when i wrote it on Facebook. Now as soon as i said so i got the following comments:

1- You can't do that in Egypt you need to be living in the USA
2- A social network for positivity? The idea isn't so attractive
3- Why don't you change the logo?
4- What about making a better design?
5- People can just locate quotes online, what's the point?
6- OK

Obviously most people were against the idea. Now lets stop at that point of time and see the options i had back then. Option number one was assuming that all of those people are wrong while option number two is quitting.

Now what would you have done if you were in my place? Or let me ask you another question: What did you do the last time everyone was against you?

Because i have been through the same exact scenario when i started 2knowmyself i was pretty sure that all people are wrong.

2 month later

2 month later those facts showed up: 180,000 page/views per month, 6,000 registered users, 19,000 posts by users, Alexa rank jumped from 4 million to 600K, users spending hours on the site and extremely positive feedback.

Now here is what people said right after they knew those facts:

1- That's a brilliant idea
2- Do you need a partner?
3- You are very smart
4- .......

Obviously the people who were so sure that the idea sucks changed their opinion about it all of a sudden and this is what happens each time you will start a new business or work on a new idea. (see also Turning rejection into success)

In the Super powers course i said that people start by putting you down because that's what they have been taught. They got exposed to so much negativity until they believed that no one, including them, can make it.

All of those who were extremely arrogant when they first knew about your plans will eventually bow and change their minds when you make it or even when the first positive signs show up.

Don't Let anyone put you down

Those who put you down assume that you won't be able to make it because they know that they can't. Its pretty hard for someone who is so sure that he can't achieve something to believe in another person who claims he can do it.

In other words people put you down because of their incorrect beliefs about life and success and not because your idea is bad or because it really sucks.

Each day More people believe in Optimist net as they see the progress we are making. Even the extremists have stopped criticizing the idea and are now watching closely to find out where is that social network headed.

Moral of the story? those who criticize you harshly will get silenced as soon as they see results. So keep going forward and know that those who put you down know nothing.

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