How negative words affect your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How negativity change our moods

Yesterday i was checking my Facebook to know about the latest news. So many of my Egyptian friends were having verbal fights about the integrity of the upcoming presidential elections. As i kept going through the News feed i got emotionally charged.

After all its hard to come across words such as "liar, cheater, treason, killer, death, dying, traitor" and many more without getting emotionally charged.

So i wrote a status saying my opinion about the elections and within few minutes i found that some of the verbal fights moved onto my wall. After few minutes of debating i found myself getting angry, my mood started changing and i felt irritated.

After sometime i decide to delete the status because i was too busy working and i didn't want to get distracted anymore.

This is just a single situation that happened as a result of getting exposed to negative words. Each day you might come across ten different situations that have the same effect on you.

How do you think your mood will end up like if you kept getting exposed to those negative messages everyday?

How negative words affect your life

Do you know that bad emotions are contagious?
Remember the last time someone started using the car horn madly in a traffic jam then got followed by so many other people?

The problem with bad moods is that you can catch them even if you weren't feeling bad. People dump their negative emotions on social networks and get a relief but those who read those status and get exposed to them end up absorbing some of the negative energy in them.

In my previous article How words affect your brain i explained how getting exposed to a single negative word more than once each day can dramatically alter your brain structure.

Repeat the word hate out loud each day for 100 times and see how you feel like after 10 days (don't try this).

Now what about getting exposed to hundreds of similar words everyday? This is exactly what happens to each one of us because of the negativity that surrounds us. (see also How Negative words turn into negative beliefs)

How to stay positive in a negative world

So is there a way to stay positive?
Yes. Just get exposed to many positive messages everyday to counter the effect of the negative messages you get exposed to.

Now the question is, how can someone find positivity in a world that is full of negativity? The answer is simple!

Visit Optimistnet. A social network just like twitter or instagram but that only allows positive and uplifting messages.

Start your day by checking the news feed of optimistnet and come back to it whenever you feel you go exposed to some negativity.

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