How certain words affect your brain

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Whats happening to me?

Since 5 days i have been watching that same motivating video over and over. There is a specific part in the video that appeals to me the most which is the part that says "Get up and never give up".

Yesterday i went to the Gym and tried to lift a very heavy weight. At one point i started feeling that i am becoming weaker and i wasn't able to push the weight higher anymore. In the same moment Scenes from that video kept flying inside my mind and the words "Get up and never give up" were ringing inside my head.

Suddenly i made a beast like moan and lifted the heavy weight up!
This same situation happened more than once during that day. Each time i started losing strength the same scenes passed inside my head and made me more powerful.

So why did this happen to me?

How words affect your brain

Your brain is just like a very big box with infinite storage capacity. Whenever you get exposed to something it gets stored inside that box then gets sent back to you when needed.

Because i kept watching the video over and over it was stored in my subconscious mind then sent back to me when i needed it the most.

But the important question is, what if your brain didn't have anything positive to use?
What if you were only exposed to negativity and negative messages?

In such a case your brain will send you those negative messages instead of the positive ones thinking that its helping you!

Now the question you should ask yourself is, what is the percentage of negative messages you get exposed to everyday? Are 60% of the messages you get exposed to negative? Are 80% of the messages you get exposed to everyday negative?

If that's the case then don't wonder why you have negative thoughts or why you are being pessimistic.

The positive sources run out and need to be charged

If i didn't watch anymore positive videos and kept going to the gym for another week then each day the positive video i watched earlier will become less effective until recalling it won't help me anymore.

In other words in order to stay positive you need to keep getting exposes to positive messages everyday! These positive messages will get stored inside your brain and get released when you need them the most.

Just like a car's fuel runs out your positivity tank becomes empty as well as the time passes and the only way to fill this tank is to get exposed to something positive!

Because i understood those facts earlier i came up with a project that can help you achieve that goal which is optimistnet The First Social Network For positivity only.

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