how to be a powerful man

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to be a powerful man

Since power is a very broad topic that can't be covered in one article, in each i write about power i cover a different aspect of power. There are lots of different kinds of power such as physical power, position power, knowledge power, personal power and so on.

If you want to really become a very powerful man then you should work on acquiring as many as you can from these different types of power.

In this article i will tell you how to have a powerful personality.

Personal power

The following traits are common across all men with powerful personality. When you stick to them you won't only become powerful but others will believe that you are powerful too.

  • Not being needy: Some people lie because they need acceptance, its the same as begging someone for money. Some people sacrifice their dignity to win a smile. Some people feel miserable and helpless because they didn't manage to get something that they wanted. The more needy you become the less powerful you will be
  • Not responding to criticism: criticism doesn't affect the powerful person and so he either doesn't reply right away or he either doesn't reply to it at all. I am not asking you not to reply to criticism but at least make sure that you show that it didn't affect you. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how replying to criticism so fast shows how badly you were affected by the words
  • Do not show off: People show off when they need attention or when they believe that others don't think that they are worthy enough. Powerful people don't show off because they don't need to prove to others that they are worthy
  • Emotional mastery: Powerful people don't lose control of their emotions and don't become terrified when they face uncertainty but instead they handle situations wisely simply because emotions don't impact their decisions as they know how to control them
  • They don't blame others: A powerful person doesn't blame others, the unfairness of life or luck for his misfortunes. Even if he wasn't responsible for the bad things that happened to him instead of blaming other factors he works his way out of his problems

Collect the powers

This was just one aspect of power. If you want to become very powerful then you must know about the different kinds of power then work on acquiring them.

The below links will tell you about the different kinds of power. Good luck on your journey for power

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