How to be a powerful person

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to be a powerful person

Contrary to common beliefs there is no single definition for power or clear steps that can be followed in order to become a powerful person. In each article i write about power i explain a different aspect of power and tell you how you can acquire a new source of power by following it.

In this article i will talk about one of the most important aspects of power which is not being in need.

You are in need = You are weak

The root cause of weakness in this world is being in need. The more you become needy and the more you depend on others to help you the more you will become weak and the farther you will be from becoming powerful.

here are few examples of needs that can prevent people from becoming powerful:

  • The need for acceptance: We all want to be accepted and loved but when this need grows to the extent that it makes you feel bad whenever someone rejects you then you will be a very weak person
  • The need for help: How many times have you begged people for help or asked them to do something for you? A powerful person rarely asks for help because he is self dependent
  • The need for anything else: Whether the need you have is for love, money, fame, acceptance or anything else you will feel weak as long as you are in need.

How to become powerful even though you have unmet needs

At any point of time anyone of us will have unmet needs and he will be dependent on others to a certain extent even if he was so powerful, so how can you feel powerful even though you are still in need?

The answer is simple, its all about the way you ask for things and not the act of asking for things itself.

In order to become really powerful you must ask for things that way:

  • Ask but never beg: A powerful person asks people for help but if they didn't help him then he would never beg them
  • Never be needy: If someone refused to provide you with your needs let him know that you don't need his help instead of acting like a victim to trigger his empathy
  • Do things on your own if you can: Whenever there is a task that you can do on your own then do it without asking others for help even if it will consume more effort. The less you ask people for help the more powerful you will become
  • You can't make me feel bad: If someone rejected you, disliked you or even hated you then put no weight to his words and ignore him as if he wasn't there.

In short, the more you become needy and dependent on others the more you will feel weak while the more you become self dependent the more you will become powerful.

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