How to become a powerful man

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become a powerful man

Lots of people dream of becoming powerful in order to be able to do the things that they can’t do with their current powers.

When you ask ten different people about power each one will answer you giving his own definition of power. For some people power is money, for others power is physical strength while for a third group power is being popular.

But do you know which answer is the correct one?
You might have already guessed that, all answers are correct.
There are tons of ways to become powerful but real power comes when you combine different methods together.

If you want to become a powerful man then read this article.

The Different kinds of power

  • The power of influencing others: If you have few friends who believe in you and whom you can convince with your ideas then you have the power of influencing others. Even if they were few people still you are considered more powerful than someone who can’t influence anybody. Now imagine that you can influence 10 people or even 100? Won’t that make you more powerful? The more people you can influence the more powerful you will become. (see How people influence you)
  • The power of love: You don’t have to have money in order to be powerful. Gandhi was followed by thousands of people because they loved him. The more you can get people to love you the more powerful you will become
  • The power of knowledge: How many people turn to you to ask you about something? If you know something that others don’t know about then you will become more powerful. Again you don’t have to know everything in the world but you just need to know a little bit more than the rest (see The power of knowledge)
  • Social power: How many friends do you have? How many friends do you have on facebook or myspace? The more connections you can build the more powerful you will become
  • Skill power: Do you know why some people feel helpless? because they lack the skills they need to solve their problems. The more skills you have the more powerful you will become in the face of life
  • The power of success: The more successful you will become the more fans you will have. The more you become a role model the more powerful you will become because of the number of followers you will have
  • Is that all?: No, there is still the power of money, the power of physical strength, fame, popularity…..etc. The aim of the article wasn’t to list all kinds of power but rather to let you realize that there are countless numbers of methods that can make you become powerful

What is power all about?

So after all becoming powerful is not the act of becoming rich alone or becoming physically strong but it’s the summation of all kinds of power that you can collect.

Whenever you do something right, convince someone to believe in you or make a new friend you will become more powerful.

If you have long term plan for collecting power that you are following then within a short while you will become really powerful.

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