7 Reasons why checking the newsfeed can ruin your mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Random newsfeeds can ruin your mood

Do you know that one of the causes of depression is getting frequently exposed to negative messages?
Do you know that a negative word can ruin your mood and affect your brain and mind?
Do you know that a negative image or a negative status can have a lasting impact on your mood for hours?

In my recent articles about cyber psychology i explained how the newsfeed of social networks can ruin your mood. In this article i will give more reasons and more clear explanations of the effect of those negative newsfeeds on your mental health.

7 Reasons why checking the newsfeed can ruin your mood

  • 1) Subconscious mind programming: Your mind gets programmed by repetition. The more a negative phrase is repeated the more likely that it turns into a belief. Now did you ever try to count the number of negative messages you see in a newsfeed whether they were direct or indirect? If it happened that you developed a negative belief as a result of those negative messages your mood will be ruined for very long period of time (see also Where do negative thoughts come from)
  • 2) Right post in the wrong time: If you like politics but saw a post about it while you were not in the mood for politics then you will feel bad. It's the same exactly as liking meat but being forced to eat it at a time where you just want an orange
  • 3) People pass their aggression to you: Aggressive debates trigger all the stored anger in your subconscious mind even if you were not involved in the debate. just seeing people fight can charge you with negativity. In my article the power of words i explained how a single negative word can change your mood for sometime. Now what about a verbal war??
  • 4) Jealousy: After all we are humans and no matter who we are there will be someone out there who has something that we don't have and that we want to have. Many studies have shown that jealousy is one of the popular reasons people feel bad after checking their newsfeeds
  • 5)Irrelevant is annoying: What about posts about food? when was the last time you saw an annoying post that is irrelevant to you? how did you feel when you saw someone posting his sushi plate on Facebook? In the psychology of boredom article i said that seeing something irrelevant will make you bored and annoyed because your mind will conclude that this thing won't help you reach any of your important goals
  • 6) Bad news: So many studies have pointed out the effect of bad news on the mood specially when the news directly affects your life. Is there bad economic news? Are so many people losing their jobs? will the government raise the taxes? all of these bad news can certainly affect your mood in a negative way (see also Why do some people like bad news)
  • 7) lack of conscious processing: In my article about negative thoughts i said that in order to prevent negative thoughts from affecting your mood you need to consciously analyze them and push them away. Now this never happens in social networks because the amount of negative information you receive is far more than the processing capacity of your conscious mind and as a result the Newsfeed ruins your mood before you even realize it

So what's the solution??

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