why are some people addicted to news

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What causes addiction anyway?

Why do people get addicted to certain things?
Why do people hold on to bad habits?
Why do we experience pleasure each time we repeat a habit?

Mood regulation has always been one of the things that controlled human behaviour to a great extent. The quick pleasure a person can get right after eating an ice cream or drinking Coke can be so tempting for some people to resist.

Some foods contain substances that can help people produce hormones that improves their moods and that's why some people always binge eat when they feel bad.

But is mood regulation that simple? Is it always the direct relation between the habit and the brain chemicals that leads to addiction?

No in many cases complex psychological factors can be the reason why some people get addicted to certain habits.

Why are some people addicted to news

Why would someone become addicted to news?
Just like the food we eat can change our brain chemicals our thoughts can change them as well.

The way some people process news can result in instant mood changes that forces them to become addicted to it. Here is a very simple example, lets suppose a man sold his dollars and bought euros instead. In such a case any news about weakness in the US economy will make that man feel better since he will know that his money is increasing.

In real life the relationship between the news a person consumes and his mood is usually more complex that it sometimes can't be noticed on the conscious level.

What if a person likes to feel superior to others and couldn't find a good way to do it?
In such a case this man might become interested in reading about accidents without being consciously aware of the reason. (see also Why do some people like bad news)

whenever that man reads about an accident his subconscious mind will compare his life to the life of the person who has been through the accident and as a result it will make him feel superior.

Of course the man won't be aware of any of the things taking place in his mind. In fact his subconscious mind might even make him feel sorry for the people he reads about in order not to blow its cover. (see also self deception mechanisms)

How the different needs lead to different types of addiction

In my book The ultimate guide to breaking bad habits i said that each person has different psychological needs that he wants to satisfy. Some people want to feel good about themselves, some people want attention while others might want to feel superior to others.

Based on his different needs each person gets attracted to certain types of news that feeds these needs. For example, The need to be right or the desire to prove others wrong can be one of the main reasons some people get addicted to news.

If a person went through a tough debate with his friends and if he left the debate feeling emotionally charged then he will be eager to prove himself right. In such a case this guy might become addicted to news hoping that he will find what might prove him right.

Each and everything that you do in life tells a lot about your psychological makeup and unmet needs. By taking a quick look at your behaviour and habits you can get to understand yourself more.

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