how words can change your brain and life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How words can change your mental state and affect your behaviour

In an experiment that was carried out by a psychologist a student was asked to arrange scattered words in order to create meaningful sentences. The words the student was asked to arrange were similar to those ones:

-old, The,chair ,sits ,on, the, man
-water, Drinking , reduces, wrinkles
-quickly, passes, Time

After the student arranged the words in order he went out of the room but his footsteps were slower than regular. Do you know what happened? The words he was arranging made his mind visualize the state of being old and as a result he started acting like an old man for few minutes after he completed the test.

In another experiment students were divided into two groups. The first group was asked to think of how it feels like to be a college professor while the other group was asked to think how it would be like to be a soccer fan.

After the 5 minutes passed both groups were given some science questions to answer and the first group got more questions right. Both groups had almost the same knowledge and intelligence levels but the state the first group was put in as a result of the words that were flying in their minds made them answer more questions correctly.

The power of words

Your mind is like a big city that has millions of roads. Once you set your start point at one of the roads your mind will take you down the road automatically. In the previous experiment the words were used to put people into certain roads and as a result their subconscious minds continued the job and took them down the road.

If you got exposed to certain positive words for few seconds you are very likely to think positively for the next few minutes. Another experiment has shown that people who were exposed to words related to kindness were more likley to be kind to people in the next few minutes following the exposure.

Now do you understand what does this mean?
You can actually put people in different states using your words. Even if you were discussing a topic that is unrelated to their emotions your choice of words can strongly affect their moods and their behaviour.

Use words such as strong, strength, power, immortal, ultimate while talking and you will empower people to become stronger even if you were talking about the best way to cook food.

What kinds of messages do you get subjected to?

If words can affect the emotions and behaviour of people by a certain amount then certainly visualizing something can have a much more powerful impact. Watching a movie might have an even more powerful effect.

What about the movies you watch?
What about the songs you listen to hundreds of times a week?
What kind of messages are you feeding your brain with?
Are you teaching yourself to be weak without noticing?
Are you stealing your own power without paying attention to what's happening in your brain?

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i said that one of the main reasons that prevent people from recovering from breakups fast are the words they get subjected to when they listen to sad romantic songs.

Your Lack of self confidence could be resulting from the negative words passing in your brain all the time. Your inability to fight back, your helplessness and lack of motivation could be nothing more but the result of the words you get exposed to all day.

Now that you understood the power of words. Make sure you pay attention to every word you get subjected to from now on. Focus on getting exposed to positive media only and abandon everything that could be putting you down. Dump those negative songs you always listen to and replace them with positive ones. (see also How music affects emotions)

You might be the product of the words that have been accumulating in your brain for the past years. Choose your words, choose your destiny.

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