5 ways to improve your intelligence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can intelligence be increased?

Many people were mistakenly taught that intelligence is all about answering tough questions and solving mathematical problems. People who hold such beliefs usually believe that intelligence is measured by a fixed IQ and as a result they don't think that there is any room for improvement. (see How limiting beliefs are created)

Many people send me messages asking me about IQ tests because they are wondering how intelligent they are but when you get to know that most of these IQ tests are anything but accurate you will stop using them to measure your intelligence.

Intelligence is about solving your life problems and improving the quality of your life. If a brilliant man hates his job and as a result lives a miserable life then he is not intelligent enough. (see also Top mistakes to avoind in life)

So how can intelligence levels be increased?

5 ways to improve your intelligence

  • 1) Develop courage: You might be wondering what does courage has to do with intelligence but in fact that they are strongly correlated. Lack of courage forces people to engage into self deception and the development of false beliefs. If Instead of believing that he is responsible for his life a person believed that he is unlucky he will live a misrable life. such a perception problem never changes before a person develops real courage
  • 2) Be in charge of your emotions: I have seen many so called brilliant people doing the stupidest things ever just because they were under the influence of certain emotions. Even if you were Einstein you wont be able to use any of your brain power once emotions take control of you. (see How to be emotionally intelligent)
  • 3) Learn to resist peer pressure: I have seen college professor, ministers and popular celebrities doing stupid things just because they were following a certain group of people. under the effect of peer pressure people start to follow the crowd even if they weren't sure what's the right thing to do and as a result you find many intelligent people doing really dumb things (see 5 reasons you should never follow the crowd)
  • 4) Understand that human perception changes: Human perception of others and events is not constant but it changes recording to tens of factors. Without educating yourself about these factors you might fall trap to one of the popular perception mistakes people make. For example, many so called intelligent people lack self confidence because they mistakenly interpert the actions of others. In other words when you don't account for perception mistakes you can see the world from a totally different angle that ruins your life (see also How perceptiopn affects the behaviour)
  • 5) Don't get easily aroused: I see thousands of people spreading images, videos and news online without being sure of its source. After those people do so they get so emotional and start attacking others. Based on these posts more less intelligent people start getting emotional and no one of them is even 50% sure what's going on. In order to be intelligent you need to be wise, calm and not easily aroused

Be smarter, yes you can

As you can see being intelligent is not about getting high grades or earning an academic degree. Even though this is considered one piece of the intelligence puzzle you still need to collect many more pieces before you can say that you are truly intelligent.

The conclusion is Intelligence can be increased, go ahead and become smarter.

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