Should i listen to people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

should i listen to people

Should i listen to people?
Should i put any weight to the nonconstructive criticism i get from others?
Should i believe people who put me down?

If you ever asked yourself these questions then read this article to know whether you should listen to people or not.

Of course i am not talking about people who give you advice or who try to help you but i am talking about people who put you down, discourage you and fill you with negativity.

This is why you should never listen to people

Below are few situations that will help you understand why listening to people all the time can be complete ignorance:

  • 1) People say what they don't mean: Most people don't know how to communicate properly and as a result they might say something that they don't mean. Listening to someone who can't communicate properly can be a big problem.
  • 2) People have internal agendas: Sometimes a person might criticize you in order to feel good about himself, sometimes a person might put you down in order to elevate his self worth and sometimes a person might attack you in order to appear superior in front of others. Because many people have internal agendas listening to them all the time is a great mistake
  • 3) People lack self confidence: In my article How your friends affect your self esteem i said that people who lack self esteem always criticize their friends and put them down not because their friends are really bad but its because that's the way they learned to think. Imagine listening to such a person and believing him without understanding that the problem is with him and not with you
  • 4) People see the world according to their own beliefs: Talk to a person who was betrayed by his wife and he will tell you that all women are not loyal. Since each and every person describes the world according to this own belief system it would not be wise at all to believe any person you listen to without making many adjustments to his opinion
  • 5) Some people are mean: I once met a guy in the gym who used to work out almost each day. A third guy came and told that guy that he doesn't look like he is doing any effort in the gym and that his belly looks really bad. The first guy felt bad and left. When i asked the third person why did you tell him so he replied saying "i see him here everyday and he works out really hard, i just wanted him to take it easy. Its clear that this guy was jealous, insecure and mean but the biggest mistake the fist guy did is that he believed him!!

Don't listen to most people

Don't listen to most people because most of them say nonsense.
Don't ever let someone put you down because the problem might be with his own self confidence
Don't ever listen to someone who tries to make you believe that your dreams are not reachable because the problem might be with his own belief system.

Don't ever listen to a person who tries to convince you that you are bad because the problem might be with his own internal agenda.

Most people say nonsense, just don't listen to them and keep going.

Does this mean that i should never listen to people?

Of course this is not what i am trying to say but the goal of this article is to let you filter everything that you are told strictly without believing everything that you hear.

Some of the things people will tell you might be great but other information can be just nonsense that need to be filtered.

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