5 ways to become super confident around anyone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What's the secret formula for building self confidence

Do you know why most people fail to build self confidence?
Its not because they don't try hard and its not because they don't read about self confidence but it happens because they read the wrong tips then try hard to make them work.

When it comes to building self confidence the internet is full of nonsense and incorrect information and that's why so many people never manage to increase their confidence. In this post i will tell you about five very effective confidence building tips that really work.

5 ways to become super confident

  • 1) Please your subconscious mind: If the whole world likes your shirt but you dislike it you won't feel confident around people. If you love your shirt but no one likes it then you will feel confident. In order to become super confident you need to impress your own subconscious mind and not anybody else (see also How to become really confident)
  • 2) Know the definition of confident according to your own point of view: If your friends believe that the ability to speak in public is real self confidence while you believe that the ability to talk to the opposite sex is the real self confidence then most likely you wont gain anything if you wasted your time learning public speaking. Many people try to become confident by following the guideline's others set and that's why they never feel confident. find out what's your own definition of self confidence then try to make your reality, only then you will feel really confident.
  • 3) See the real world: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that all people have flaws that they dislike even celebrities. Once you start to look at other people that way you will quickly learn that you are not the only one who has insecurities out there. The most confident person isn't the one who doesn't have insecurities but he is the one who realizes that everyone has them
  • 4) Develop new skills: The more skills you develop the more confident you will become provided that those skills are related to the life problems you are currently facing. Learning speed reading in order to study for college will make you more confident than learning Golf during that same college year. Learn the skills that can help you solve your most important problems (see also Building self confidence).
  • 5) Don't be desperate: Reject those who reject you, ignore those who ignore you and cut the contact with those you disrespect you. Desperation is a great enemy for self confidence. Unless you stop running after those who ignore you you wont feel truly confident.

It takes time

No you can't build confidence overnight nor you can use hypnosis to become super confident right away but instead you need to be patient until the practical plan you are following works.

With each new step you take you will become more confident and as long as you don't stop you will end up becoming really confident.

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