What does it mean to be patient

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What does it mean to be patient

What does it mean to be patient?
Is patience all about staying still and waiting for the best to happen?
Is patience all about bearing the bad emotions you experience and doing nothing else?

Most people get patience wrong, they believe that patience and waiting are the same thing while that's not true.

Of course waiting is a part of patience but still its only one element among the other elements that together constitute patience.

In this article i will tell you what does it really mean to be patient.

This is what patience really means

Lets suppose that you were planting a tree and that you were doing big effort everyday yet the tree wasn't growing.

If i asked you to be patient then does this mean that you have to stop watering the tree and wait? Will this mean that you have to find a way to let time pass until the tree grows on its own?

of course that's not true because if you didn't water the tree it will die.

So patience has nothing to do with waiting. Patience is all about working hard while waiting for the results.

If An event happened that made you feel really bad then patience is this case means both bearing the bad emotions and working hard to solve the problem that made you feel bad.

If someone hurt you on intention then patience in this case means bearing the bad emotions while working on making that person pay for what he did (in a good way).

The True meaning of patience

Patient people aren't helpless or desperate. They aren't the ones who lie in bed and wait for the white knight to come and save them.

Patient people are the white knights who know how to save themselves and who understand that this pain they are going through is temporary because one day they will change their lives to the better.

The true meaning of patience is understanding that the only way to get rid of the pain you are experiencing now is to do something. (see Why my life is so bad)

Life is tough. It has hard moments that could make you feel really bad. Without patience these moments will seem like hell.

If you got patience the wrong way then you will wait for a long period of time without finding any change and you will end up feeling worse.

Bear the bad emotions and in the same time fight hard to let them go.
Only then you can say that you understood the true meaning of patience.

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