How to be a mastermind when dealing with people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Ever been played?

Have you ever been deceived? Discovered that you've been played?
Did you make a fool out of yourself?
Did your enemies make you look like a loser?

Moments like these are experienced by most people but the good news is that they can be avoided. You don't have to be an evil person in order to prevent people from doing that kind of harm to you but you just need to be a mastermind when it comes to dealing with mean ones.

In this article i will tell you about some of the most essential skills that you need in order to become that kind of person who can hardly be played.

How to be a mastermind when dealing with people

  • 1) Don't appear to be smart: The moment a person discovers a plot or a game that was played against him he quickly tries to prove to his enemies that he was smart enough to figure out their plan and that's completely wrong. A real mastermind will make his enemies feel safe by acting like a fool. He will let them go on with their plan while appearing to be completely vulnerable and then in the right time he will strike back where there will be no time left for a counter attack. Its the same as running from a thug up until you lure him to a dead end where you have previously agreed with the police to wait for you there. That thug will feel safe because he will think that he is in a position of power and as soon as he reaches the place that you wanted him to reach he will find the police waiting for him. You might not want to appear too smart as well in order not to make new enemies, see Why do people become jealous
  • 2) Don't ever reveal your way of thinking: Out of the desire to show off their power many smart people make the mistake of revealing the way they think. Intelligence is not measured by your IQ alone but its also measured by your ability to control the emotions that can prevent you from being intelligent. Even if you know the right thing to do you will still do the wrong thing if you didn't manage to control your emotions. When you don't show how your mind work your enemies will get surprised by your actions instead of preparing themsleves for them. If an enemy solider saw you holding a knife in a battle field he might approach you with confidence but if you surprised him with an RPG it would be too late for him to take an action
  • 3) Learn how to do nothing: I have seen geniuses and extreemly smart people who have been played, made to look like fools just because of their impatience. While working on a plan that they fully understand they lose patience and do something stupid only to end up looking like fools even though they are really smart. The man who wins is the man who can stay calm enough until all facts and data become crystal clear. Being unable to tolerate irritation and bad feelings will only let you do something stupid and you will lose the battle even if you can win it. In short, learn how to be patient.
  • 4)Don't let anybody know where your Achilles heel is: As you grow up you will discover that today's enemy may be tomorrows friend and vise versa. A real mastermind will never give his week points to close ones because he knows that one day one of those close ones might become his greatest enemy. Instead, give people facts that strengthen your reputation and make you appear like an omnipotent person. As these facts circle around your enemies will give up on finding your weak points
  • 5) Use your enemies without asking them for a favor: If you knew that two friends are plotting against you then don't panic. Instead use one of them as a messenger without letting him know anything. Whatever piece of info you want to pass to that other enemy can be done through the first one and vise versa. If someone who was very smart was plotting against you then instead of showing him that you are smarter than him just take advantage of his intelligence, give him indirect clues that would let him reach the conclusions that you want him to reach. If a person was an over thinker then you need to do nothing other than giving him something to think about. In short, you can use your enemies without letting them know what's going on

Be a Kind mastermind

The reason i am teaching you this stuff is that there are mean people out there who will back stab you whenever they get the first chance. I am not asking you to be mean like them but i am just asking you to be smarter than them not to let them harm you.

Its the same as learning Kung fu not for the sake of harming others but for the sake of threatening the bully who targets you.

Be kind, have honor and in the same time be a Mastermind.

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