Showing off

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Showing off

What is the psychology of showing off?
Why do some people show off excessively?
Is showing off a sign of lack of self confidence? or does it indicate that the person is proud of what he has got?

In this article i will answer all of these questions and tell you everything that you need to know about showing off.

All about showing off

There is no one fixed rule that govern showing off, for example we can't say that people who show off are bla bla because the reason each one of them is sowing off might be different than the reasons the others got.

Here are some common reasons why people show off:

1) People show off when they are interested in someone: If you are sitting with a person you consider interesting then certainly you are going to show of what you have in order to impress him. On the other hand if you are with a boring person then it would make no sense to say anything interesting as you are not interested in getting his attention.

This should let us conclude that we must not hate showy people, in fact, those people consider us important and worthy!!

2) Some people show off because they think that others value them negatively: Those people usually lack self confidence and so they try to elevate their self esteem by showing off. If i just knew you few minutes ago and then you found me talking about how successful i am then know that i thought that you were thinking negatively of me and that's why i tried to change your view about me by showing off.

3)Birth order and showing off: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the birth order affects the behavior of children. An only child usually finds himself in the center of attention in his house and that's why he grows up to become a showy adult. Usually children grow up trying to duplicate the environment they used to live in, if a child was the center of attention he will grow up trying to maintain that position.

4) Showing off to gain a benefit : This is the good type of showing off and which has nothing to do with wanting attention or having problems with your self confidence. If i have an expensive car and i was going to a business meeting to get a certain deal then certainly i will park my car somewhere visible to let the business partners see it. In such a case showing off was done with the intention of impressing the business partners so that i can get the deal.

So is showing off bad?

The answer is , it depends.
If you are going to show off because you want to achieve a certain goal like completing a business deal or attracting someone then its completely OK but if you are showing off because you have some kind of personality disorder that makes you believe that people look down at you then you must deal with that problem.

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