How to win a negotiation (5 Negotiation tips)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to win a negotiation

2 days ago i had to go through a tough negotiation with some of the top management of the service center of a famous international car manufacturer.

During the negotiation i managed to cut down the 11,000 Bill they wanted me to pay to 5,700 only! In this post i will tell you about some negotiation skills tips that will help you gain ground in any negotiation that you go through.

The tips in this article are going to be a mixture of the best practices that you must stick to as well as the fatal mistakes you should avoid.

5 Tips to win any negotiation

Here are some tips that will help you win any negotiation:

  • 1) Never reveal your cards or intentions: One of the fatal mistakes people do before negotiations is that they threaten to use a certain card if things didn't go well and as a result the other party prepare themselves for the possible use of that card and so it loses its effectiveness. For example, one of the cards i had during the negotiation was contacting the head office of that automobile manufacturer which is located in Germany. Had i said to those people on phone that i will contact Germany if things didn't go well then they would have backed up themselves earlier
  • 2) Appear incompetent or even lame: Don't appear too educated before the negotiation. Make the other party think that dealing with you is going to be a piece of cake. Let the people put down their defenses by appearing incompetent or even lame and then surprise them during the negotiation with a different attitude, new facts and a whole set of new cards. If you did this right people will be less prepared to reply back to your arguments and you will win the negotiation (see also Tips for negotiating prices)
  • 3) Let them talk: During any negotiation each person will have a set of cards to use. The person who uses all of his cards first is more likely to lose the negotiation because at some point he won't find anything to say. During a negotiation try to force people to talk first. Be annoying or intimidating, play on their emotions until you force them to use all of their cards quickly then surprise them with the ones you have. During the negotiation i had with the management of that car manufacturer i never told them that i have a strong online presence and that i could threaten their reputation until the last 5 minutes of the ingratiation. This surprise attack gave me more than a 40% discount in the last five minutes! (see also How to hide your emotion and How to control people)
  • 4)Study everything well: If you are serious about winning a negotiation then you must study everything well before you go for it. Know more about the people you are going to negotiate with and collect more facts and data about them. The more information you will collect the more cards you will have during the negotiation and the more likely you are going to win it (see also How to communicate effectively with people)
  • 5) Act as if you have nothing to lose: The man who has nothing to lose always wins. When you become too attached to something you will appear needy and as a result you will lose the negotiation. During my negotiation i stood up as if i am going to leave the room even though i didn't get my car yet from them. I simply told them "You can keep the car". I was really intending to go home without the car and that's why i appeared to have nothing to lose. I even used the key of my other car to show them indirectly that i have another car and that i can afford to live without the one they had for months. Even if you have a lot to lose act if you have nothing to lose and you will win any negotiation. (see Why being needy makes you weak)

The traditional negotiation skills tips

Because 2knowmyself has no traditional or repetitive information i had to put that little section at the bottom of the article.

Don't forget to read the body language of the people you are negotiating with in order to know which card ,among the ones you used, was the most effective. Once you find that card use it more than once, threaten them using it and let most of your messages reaffirm your ability to use it.

Also don't ever appear happy or satisfied because once the other party thinks that they made you happy they will try to gain back some of the grounds they lost. Instead try to appear not that satisfied even if you already got more than what you wanted to get it.
This might result in letting you win even more grounds.

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