Effective negotiation skills tips and techniques

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The importance of learning about effective Negotiation Skills

Negotiations or debates are unavoidable parts of our lives. Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where winning a debate or a negotiation is a must in order to achieve your goals yet find that you are losing ground.

In this article i will tell you about Effective Negotiation Skills tips and techniques that will increase your chance of winning debates and negotiations.

Effective Negotiation Skills tips and techniques

The following negotiation tips will improve your chances of winning any debate:

  • Lack of Information in negotiations:
    One of the most popular causes for losing ground in a negotiation is lack of information.

    For example, if you were trying to convince your friend that a certain car model "X" is much better than Y, how will you be able to do it without showing him enough information about both cars?

    If you told him something like: "Hey pal, car X is the best" without mentioning some facts such as the car's performance, fuel consumption, reliability, resale value etc... Then your chances of convincing him will become very little.

    Facts can't help you convince people only because they make sense but because they also make you sound more confident. When you feel confident it shows up in the way you talk and this provides further creditability to your words.(see also self confidence and knowledge)

  • Back your words by documents to win a negotiation :
    When negotiating with someone it can be very beneficial to use documents to support your words. In the previous example you could have showed your friend a table that compares the performance of both cars in numbers.

    If you showed him through the documents that car X is truly faster than the other car and that it needs less fuel then you will certainly win the negotiation.

    When you use documents during negotiations to support your arguments its as if you are saying "I'm not telling you My opinion, I'm giving you straight facts". Even if the sources aren't known to him the data will give him the impression that you know more than him.

  • Collect feedback using body language:
    When i use the term body language i don't just mean eye contact and posture because many people limit body language gestures to those two but instead i am referring to the well-known body language gestures that show the current state of mind of the person you are negotiating with. The
    state of positive evaluation , state of negative evaluation, state of interest and The state of lying can help you know exactly about the feelings of the person you are negotiating with.
  • Use body language to hide your own emotions:
    There are two common uses for body language, to read the emotions of others and to hide yours. By learning about body language you will be able to leave the impression you want and this will help you win the negotiation. It's not about the feelings you get during the negotiation but its all about the feelings you reveal.
  • Color psychology in negotiations: do you know that the colors you wear can help you do better at a negotiation? Its recommended that you wear blue in a negotiation because it will give the impression that you are trustworthy and loyal (of course this will happen unconsciously. Don't underestimate the effect of colors, in my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how using certain colors with certain personality types can even result in making those people fall in love with you!!
  • Face reading in negotiations: There is no one method that can convince all people to believe in something during a negotiation because each person is different. For example you can hardly convince a stubborn person by repetition as he will resist you more when you repeat your arguments. Logical thinkers will never believe you if you tried to use emotions to convince them because they need facts. By using
    face reading you can determine the type of person that you are dealing with and so know how to convince him with your beliefs
  • The Machine gun technique in negotiations : This technique was called the machine gun technique because its based on using many different unrelated arguments together in a fast manner so that the other person loses hope in replying to them all. When you use the Machine gun technique in negotiations your chance of shaking the confidence of the person you are negotiating with becomes much higher
  • Flexibility and negotiations: if for some reason you found a strong resistance during a negotiation then don’t waste your effort by insisting on the same point but instead move to another one. If the other person you are negotiating with was well informed about one point or if his belief system contradicts with this point then convincing him might be a hard task.
  • replying back with another question: in case you were asked a question that you don’t want to answer you can reply back with another question to distract him.
  • focusing on the other person’s need: One big mistake many people do in negotiations is thinking that all people think the same way while forgetting that each person has different needs. For example if your major need was the need for safety while a friend of yours cared more about luxury then trying to convince him to buy a Volvo because its safe will not be as effective as trying to show him that Volvo could be a luxurious care too. Focus on the person's needs, belief system and values and not yours in order to win a negotiation

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