Color psychology (red, green, blue, yellow, pink, black, white and purple).

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Color psychology, the effect of colors

Do you know that colors can influence people’s moods?
Do you know that wearing different colors can help you leave different impressions?
Do you know that the choice of the colors you wear can show different things about your personalty?

Colors are not only used for decoration or for improving the appearance but they can be used to determine personality traits of people, to affect their mood and to even control their behaviour!

List of colors and their psychological effect

Below is a list of common colors and their psychological effects:

  • Psychology of Black : According to Color psychology, black reflects authority and power but it could also represent an evil notion for some people. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I explained how wearing black clothes can attract those who love to be with an authoritative person. By wearing black often in the presence of those people they may start to admire you. Black could make you appear thinner and that’s why it's a good choice if you think that you are overweight. Black can also indicate that you are independent.
  • On the other hand some people wear black in order to give others the impression that they are strong and capable. Men for example who want to stick to masculine values and show that they are manly enough might try to avoid bright colors and go for dark colors such as black.

    Black can also make a person seem more mysterious especially if the person was wearing a hoodie.

  • Psychology of Red: red is a captivating color that reflects energy, power and strength. Red is a very eye catching color and this makes it useful in case you want to draw some attention to yourself. The Red color results in fast heartbeat and breathing rate as it stimulates the nervous system thus overusing it might result in irritation.

    According to one study when a MMA player wore red his chance of winning became higher as the other player saw him as a threat. Red is a color that that is associated with danger in our subconscious mind. And while it can make people seem attractive still it can make a person seem dangerous.

  • Psychology of Blue : staying in a blue room can make you feel calmer and more relaxed, however, blue could also be depressing if it was over used. When you wear blue you leave an impression that you are loyal and trust worthy. It's recommended that you wear blue in job interviews because the interviewer will unconsciously trust you more provided that all other factors are constant.

    In case you were about to do a business deal then go for blue because it will make you seem more trust worthy.

  • Psychology of White : white reflects innocence and purity. It's the color used for the dresses of brides to give the impression of purity.

    White is usually associated with good while black is usually associated with evil in our minds. However dark isn't always a bad thing. The reason many women love dark men is that they want to be with men who seem dangerous and strong.

  • Psychology of Green : Green is known as a relaxing color. Green can make you more relaxed and can help make vision more clear. That’s one of the reasons why factory walls are painted in green. Staying in a green room or browsing a green website can be more unwinding and relaxing for people.

    Green is also a color connected to nature. This is why seeing the green color makes people feel better as they feel more connected to nature.

  • Psychology of Yellow : yellow is an irritating color. Making use of it's agitating effect some takeaway restaurants paint its walls in yellow in order not to let customers stay for long periods of time (see restaurant's color psychology). Just like red, yellow can catch attention, increase the heart rates and enhance metabolism. Most of those who wear yellow are optimists.
  • Psychology of Purple : purple is a mixture of red and blue. Purple combines both the power of red and the calmness tranquil effect of blue. Purple clothes could reflect elegance, wealth and authority.
  • Psychology of Pink : pink reflects innocence and kindness. When you want to ask for help head for someone who is wearing pink or white. Some men might hate to wear pink if they believed that those pink clothes will make them seem less manly. This is why it's said that the man who wears pink usually has a good level of confidence in his manhood

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