Making a good first impression at work, in an interview or anywhere else

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Making a good first impression at work, in an interview or anywhere else

The human mind always tries to fill gaps with conclusions even if the conclusions had no connection with reality at all.

That's the reason why a smile could be interpreted as a sign of hatred and its the same reason why a person would believe that he is not interesting when someone don't say hi to him one morning.

While this fact can seem as a disadvantage that could lead to loss of self confidence still it can be used in making a good first impression.

Making a Good first impression by exploiting this fact

The human mind doesn't fill gaps right away but instead it needs a starting point to begin from. For example a person would never start making conclusions about someone before he notices something that triggers his thoughts.

Based on those two facts you can make a good first impression by pushing a person's thoughts towards a certain direction then allowing his mind to fill the gaps.

What if you you appeared to be really confident on your first meeting with a person without telling him much about you.

Most probably the starting point of his thoughts in this case will be your high self confidence. The person will keep wondering why you are that confident and this will let him try to fill in the gaps using positive information about you. Congratulations you have just left a good positive impression :)

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained that even if people got you wrong in the first few seconds or even if they formed a negative impression of you still you can override that impression by changing the starting point of their new thoughts.

Step by step guide to making a good first impression

Here is how to put everything together to make a good first impression:

  • Provide a good starting point: Before a person can start thinking about you in a good way you must first direct his thoughts towards a certain direction. You can do that by acting confident saying something exciting about you or by disclosing an interesting piece of information about you
  • Don't reveal everything about you: Generally if you revealed everything about you then people won't wonder anymore and they won't find you as interesting as before, however, when you give little pieces of information and let people figure out the rest you will appear much more interesting and you will leave a better impression
  • Without proper directions people will get you wrong: If you didn't talk at all you will be leaving the starting point up to the other person who might get you wrong, that's why shy people are always misunderstood

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