Restaurant color psychology

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Psychology is everywhere

Whether you are a business man who wants to motivate your employees or whether you are an ordinary person who wants to have a good relationship with your wife you are going to definitely need psychology somewhere in your life.

Color psychology is the science that explains the connection between colors and the psychology of people. Certain colors can affects people's moods. Some colors can affect the way people perceive you while some other colors can help you sell more food at your own restaurant!

Restaurant color psychology

In case you are running a restaurant or you are planning to open a restaurant soon then the following few color psychology tips will help you make the best out of it.

  • Blue and purple can result in loss of appetite: usually the subconscious mind connects blue or purple to toxins. Yes, I know there are some healthy Chinese food that is blue yet studies has shown that they can decrease the appetite.
    If you want lots of customers to visit your restaurant and to eat more then avoid the blue color.
  • Yellow would make people stay less at your restaurant: yellow is an irritating color. People tend to feel more irritated in yellow rooms. Some fast food restaurants paint their walls in yellow in order to motivate people to leave as soon as they order their food so that they free more space for new customers .
  • Green is relaxing: Green is a relaxing color and can improve vision. People associate green with nature and that's why they feel more comfortable in rooms painted in green. Painting your restaurant's wall with a green color is a good idea
  • Red is an appetite stimulator & eye catching color:red is a very eye catching color and this makes it useful in case you want to draw some attention to your restaurant. but take care, do not over use the red color because it's still an irritating color just like yellow .It might be a good idea to use some red on the outer walls to direct some attention to your restaurant. Red stimulates the appetite and it was found that a red table would make people eat more.

Other factors that can help you make your restaurant more profitable

It was found that the music played while people are sitting at a restaurant can affect their mood and as result let them consume more food.

This doesn't only stop at music but it extends to include smells as well! Certain smells can put people into buying mood and motivate them to buy more goods.

Finally the way waiters or the restaurant owners treat their customers can have a significant impact on their spending habits. One study has found that people tend to visit the shops with friendly shop owners more often!

A tip as simple as being more friendly with your customers can help you sell more.

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