How to attract a player (Learn how can the rabbit eat the lion)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

All about players

From the outside they seem charming and super confident but from the inside they are all insecure. In my previous article The psychology of players i said that people become players when they have unmet needs that they can't fulfill otherwise.

A person who has a low self esteem can become a player in order to get constant reassurance about his worth from the different targets he manages to attract.

Some players feel unloved and that's why they try to seek love from different sources while a third group of players become this way because they want to test their might, and as i said before, a person who is 100% sure of his power never attempts to test his might. (see also Why weak people show off their power the most)

In short, players pursue their targets because they need something from them whether its reassurance or a self esteem boost.

So what if you really liked a player? Most probably he will dump you the moment he knows that you like him and then move on to seek another target, right?

The good news is that i will tell you about a method that will help you attract any player you want and make him fall in love with you in no time.

How to attract a player

In my previous article How to attract someone who is not interested i said that obsession leads to attraction even if no initial interest was present. In short, if a person became obsessed with you even if he wasn't interested in you then he will certainly end up falling for you.

So what does this has to do with attracting players?
The best way to make a person become obsessed with you is to confuse him by not giving him that thing he is after.

The player will approach you with his charming techniques because he wants your approval. If he got it then he will leave, if he didn't then he will keep trying but what if he became confused and didn't know whether he actually succeeded or failed? (see also The secret to attracting love)

What if you were nice to him on certain days then were completely distant on other days?
What if you treated him nicely but never told him that you loved him?

Confusion, attraction and players

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that confusing a normal person who is not interested in you will force him to think about you even more. The more you get that person confused the more will he think about you in order to understand what's going on.

Now the good news is that the person who is in need of something, like a player, will be much more sensitive to confusion! The more the person is in need of something, lets say your approval, the more will he analyze your behaviour to make sure that he got that approval. (see also How to attract someone that you like)

Now when your behaviour becomes contradictory that person will spend more time thinking about you and thanks to subconscious mind programming, the more thinking he does the more he will become attached to you.

Attracting a player is all about reversing the curse

The player will approach you with a certain goal in mind. If he succeeded or failed he will leave but if he didn't know whether he succeeded or failed then he will become obsessed with you.

Whenever you find that player losing hope give him some good signs to encourage him to pursue you and whenever you find him about to believe that he is victorious send him some negative signs in order to confuse him even more. (see Signs that show that someone likes you)

Act as if you are holding a string, you need to pull it when he relaxes it and you need to relax it when he pulls it.

After a while that player will not be able to tolerate the psychological pressure resulting from the confusion he is experiencing and he will either tell you that he likes you or he will either accept being with you after you tell him.

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