The secret to attracting love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The secret to attracting love

I always keep getting questions from people who keep wondering how can they attract the ones they like?

One of the facts that many people are not aware of is that each and every person is constantly in a state of assessing whether the people he meets can make good relationship partners or not even if he appeared as if he doesn't care about relationships.

I am sure you always meet people who tell you that they are focused on their studies or work and that they don't think much about relationships. While those people tell the truth on the conscious level still their subconscious minds does the exact opposite.

Whenever any person meets someone from the opposite sex his subconscious mind quickly scans that person's traits and qualities in order to find out whether he can make a good relationship partner or not.

The secret to attracting love is to draw the attention of the subconscious mind of your target in such a way that it forces his conscious mind to ask one question:


The why not question and the secret of attraction

In most cases people dont fall in love all of a sudden but instead they start to think about someone in a romantic way if they first asked themselves the "why not him" question.

The great news is that the person doesn't have to be that into you in order to ask himself the what if question because it can happen right after you impress him for the first time of your life even if he didn't use to think of you as a romantic partner before.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that many people do the mistake of trying to impress others the wrong way as a result of believing that one attraction formula could work for everyone.

If you want to impress someone and to force him to ask the why not question then you need to impress him in a way that appeals to him and not in a way that appeals to others or to you. (see How to make someone attracted to you and How to attract people to you).

Do whatever you can to impress that person. Try to first collect information about him and to understand what makes him tick so that you can present him with the qualities that will, most likely, appeal to him.

If that person asked himself the "why not him" question then you should congratulate yourself because you are more than half way to attracting him.

More secrets to attracting love

So what's next?
What should you do when the person asks himself the "why not" question?

Next you should do your best to raise that person attachment levels by:

  • Confusing him: Compliment him one day and avoid him the other day. Call him to ask about him then in the end of the call ask him for a favor. Treat him very nicely one day and coldly the other day. At this point that person will start to think about you more often. A research has shown that people tend to remember half finished tasks and forget about completed ones. The same exactly will happen here, that person will start to think about you more often and he will tell his friends about you just because he can't understand you (see How to make someone think of you)
  • Playing Hide and seek: When you feel that the person started getting used to you then pull away for a while without giving explanations. When people fail to get something that they want for a while they will become more attached to it even if they didn't want it badly in the beginning.
  • Showing more good qualities: I am assuming that you already know all the good qualities that your target is looking for. Each now and then show him one more quality that he is looking for and he will become more attached to you (see also How to attract someone)

If you did this correctly then you can congratulate yourself because you have attracted love. All you have to do is to tell that person that you like him at his point and even if you didn't he might take that step before you do!

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