Thinking about a person and getting attracted to him

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Thinking about a person and getting attracted to him

Can thinking about someone make you become attracted to him even if you were not initially interested in him?

Martin used to see Sarah everyday at college but he never thought about her in a romantic way. One day his friend Steve told him that no one can ever date this girl because she is so arrogant. At this point martin's ego motivated him to take the challenge and so he decide to date the Sarah even though he was not interested in her.

Martin started using his tricks to attract her attention and so he started contacting her on regular basis. One day Marin was waiting for a call from Sarah who was supposed to return his call. Sarah didn't call Martin that day and this bothered him so much.

He started to recall the mistakes he did with her just to find out why she didn't call. As the hours passed Martin started to think about Sara more often.

After one day it became almost impossible for Martin to be with his friends without talking about Sarah or at least mentioning her.

Within 2 days Martin told his friends that he is deeply in love with Sarah and that he is feeling bad because she didn't call!

What happened here? How can a person who wasn't interested in girl fall in love with her in just two days??

This happened because the more you think about a person the more likely you will get attracted to him even if you were not that interested in him at the beginning!

Attraction, your thoughts and how the mind works

Before Martin accepted the challenge he didn't use to think of Sarah at all but when it became a matter of protecting his Ego he started to think about her more often.

According to a study the more you try to prevent yourself from thinking about something the more you will find yourself thinking about it. Because the subconscious mind gets programmed by repetitive thoughts Martin's mind started to get programmed by the images of Sarah.

Another study has shown that our minds tends to never give up thinking about unfinished businesses. This is why Martin kept thinking about Sarah all day long when she didn't return the call! (see also How to hypnotize someone easily)

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that when a person expects a response from a another person he starts to think about him more often, this continues thinking will program the mind as the time passes and the first might fall in love with the later!

How to attract people to you?

So can you use these concepts to make someone fall in love with you? of course, if you managed to find a way to make any person expect anything from you then you found your way to making him fall in love with you! Here are few examples:

  • 1) Attention seekers: If you managed to deprive an attention seeker from getting the attention he used to get from you then he will think about you more often and there is a great possibility that he will become obsessed with you
  • 2) The stubborn person: A stubborn person will not give up before he gets things done his way. Once you trigger someone's stubbornness in a way that lets him chase you for attention then you are too close to making him obsessed with you
  • 3) People with inflated Egos: People with inflated Egos might go after those who ignore them just to teach them a lesson by ignoring them later on. That's exactly what happened with Martin, in the beginning it was an Ego issue but as the time passed it turned into obsession. This obsession in turn turned into attachment and the guy ended up falling for the girl!
  • 4) Revenge: People who want to seek revenge will give you some attention as well. If you managed to lure them the right way then they will end up thinking about you more often and these obsessive thoughts might turn into attraction as well (see How to attract someone into your life)

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