How to gain instant self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can someone feel more confident instantly?

How can self confidence be increased in a short period of time?
Can someone gain self confidence instantly?

While i was on a vacation in Cyprus i came across a machine that has a sandbag that you punch then tells you how strong your punch was. I kept trying to get a high score and after more than 10 attempts i got the highest score among my friends.

suddenly i found my back getting straighter, my chin pointing higher, my posture becoming more upright and my mood becoming much better. In other words, i gained more self confidence instantly as a result of what happened.

My Posture reflects the state of confidence i felt

Why did i feel more confident?

So what happened here?
I have said earlier that self confidence is all about having faith in your abilities and skills. Now because i showed my subconscious mind that i have the ability to get a high score it started believing in me and it made me feel more confident.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people try to build self confidence the wrong way by beginning with affirmations while in fact they should have began by taking simple actions that helps their subconscious minds to believe in them. (see also How to make affirmations work for you

You might have also noticed that i have tried many times before i managed to master the moves that lead to the high score. In other words, you wont be able to build self confidence before you 1) Master certain skills and 2) Fail many times.

How long did this instant confidence last?

While this instant self confidence didn't last for the whole day still the feelings of confidence were recalled each time i saw another boxing machine. In other words when you master a certain skill you don't just feel confident right after using that skill to make a certain achievement but you actually feel confident whenever you face a situation that requires that same skill to be present.

Self confidence leads to more achievements (i scored 902 later)

With each new skill you master you increase the number of situations where you will feel confident. This means that if you developed good social skills you are very likley to feel confident whenever you come in contact with people.

If you mastered the way you do your job you will feel confident whenever people talk about work. That's why i said earlier that the first step you need in order to build self confidence is to find out the skills that you lack then work on developing them. (see How to learn any skill)

In some cases it might take few minuets as it was the case with the boxing machine but in real life this might take some time. Just be patient, develop the needed skills and you will become a confident person.

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