i don't feel confident anymore

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I don't feel confident anymore

I really don't know what's going on.
I just don't feel confident around people and everywhere.
My heart starts beating, i start to shake, i believe that everyone is watching me and i panic.

I don't know why is that happening. I am confused
Part of Jason's Diary

Just like millions of people Jason sometimes finds himself not feeling confident at all without understanding what's going on. Ever found yourself suddenly feeling insecure without knowing what's going on?

In order to understand how you can be confident everywhere you first need to understand what causes lack of self confidence. Lack of self confidence is a problem that can be caused by one thousand different reasons however the good news is that there is something common between all of those reasons.

What really causes lack of self confidence

When a person believes that his performance is falling short of the one required to solve his life problems then he will feel insecure.

Lets suppose that a person wanted to be successful at his work and to get promoted to a manager but he didn't manage to do it. Now as soon as this person gets in contact with people his subconscious mind will recall the fact that he didn't manage to become successful and without knowing why he will feel less confident.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the life problems you fail to deal with haunt your subconscious mind and make you feel like you are not that good. Some people , who usually read about self understanding, manage to understand what's going on but the others usually find themselves confused.

How to really build self confidence

Many People try to build self confidence without tackling this problem and that's why they fail. In order to feel really confident you need to prove to your subconscious mind that you are succeeding in dealing with your life problems.

This goal you gave up on last year might be the thing affecting your confidence up to this day. This habit you can't break might be one reason you believe you are no good. Those problems you left unsolved might be the reason you panic on a stage or feel insecure around the opposite sex.

When someone asks me how to build self confidence he sometimes expects an answer such as think positive, repeat affirmations or treat yourself well but in fact the right answer to this question is: show your subconscious mind that you can perfectly deal with your most important life problems and you will feel super confident.

Ever wondered why so many people lack confidence?
Its because most of them try to build it the wrong way.

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