Dr. Emoto's Experiment and the Power of Words

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What Is the Difference?

The first time I saw these pictures, I couldn’t guess that they were pictures of the water that we drink everyday.

These four pictures represent the molecular structure of four samples of water after subjecting them to some external influences. Dr Emoto, a brilliant scientist, carried out some tests on the samples and the result was the difference in the molecular structure that you can see in the pictures.

What exactly did Dr Emoto do to the water? Well, he just spoke a few words beside each sample and the water changed its structure based on these words!! Read this article to know more about the power of words.

The power words

The top left sample is just a normal sample of the water that we drink.
The picture at the top right is the same sample after some positive words were said loudly beside it.

The picture at the bottom left is the structure of the sample after repeating the phrase “you make me sick”.

The picture at the bottom right is the molecular structure of water after some heavy metal was played!!

Since these words and phrases were spoken in Japanese it seems that the energy of the person who speaks is what's responsible for changing the structure of water and not the words themselves since water can't speak Japanese :)

The Conclusion, words are powerful

Bad words negatively affect the structure of water while good words and prayer help in making the water crystals take beautiful shapes.

So, you might ask, what does this has to do with me? What does the way I speak next to water has to do with my relationship with other people?

Well if you take into consideration the fact that:

Around 70% of your body is formed of water,

you should be able to reach the right conclusion...

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