How to Get over Bad Moods

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to Get over Bad Moods

Are you feeling down?
Do you want to get over this bad mood?
Do bad moods visit you often?

If you want to get rid of something then you should first understand it. Most people experience bad moods without even knowing why. They relate these feelings to the first thing that comes to their minds like a recent fight they had with their boss or just the stress they get subjected to.

In fact you might be feeling bad for a completely different reason than the reason that came to your mind and the key to getting over bad moods is to understand their root cause.

Getting over bad moods by understanding the root cause

Your current state of feeling is the result of all of the life experiences you have been through up until this moment. The fight you had yesterday with your close friend and the bad grades you got the day before represent only a little part of your current emotional state.

The good things that recently happened to you are also a part of this same emotional state even if you don't feel good at all right now. For example the complement you received today from one of your friends is a part of your current emotional state.

Summing up all the good and the bad things that happened to you will result in the resultant mood which is the current emotional state you are experiencing now. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how anyone can become happier by fixing his resultant mood. If twenty things were bothering you at the moment while 10 of them were totally out of your control then you can definitely feel better by changing the 10 that you have control over.

How to Get over These bad Feelings?

If you understand the previous concept then you may have already guessed that fixing one problem that is totally unrelated to your bad mood can make you feel better.

For example if you have lots of problems, like work related stress, exams and a recent break-up but managed to lose some weight in between all of this mess you will end up feeling better even though you still did nothing to solve these problems.

When Small Problems Accumulate they result in bad moods

Many people developed the bad habit of accumulating small problems thinking that they should first deal with the bigger ones first.

This is one reason that lead to bad moods because when simple problems accumulate they make bigger ones even worse. This faulty key in your keyboard, this car you have to fix and this important phone call you have to make will make your big problems worse without you notice.

In short solve your small problems as much as you can and your overall mood will certainly be better.

Accumulated Problems Trigger Bad Moods

You are always in a state of receiving information from the world through your five senses. The more unresolved problems you have the more likely you will receive data that can remind you of these problems and so make you feel down.

For example, being overweight will make it more likely for you to feel bad whenever you pass by a mirror or whenever you over-eat. In this case, over-eating and seeing yourself in the mirror reminded you of one of your accumulated problems (see the thoughts network for more information).

Now imagine that you have ten unsolved problems. What do you think will happen to your mood? You will always come across things that remind you of these problems and the result will be feeling bad most of the time.

Your Body Language affects Your Mood Too

I bet that anyone could be feeling down then find that his back is straight. If you're feeling disappointed, you'll always find that your back is not straight.

This posture has an effect on your emotions too: just like your emotions affect your gestures your gestures affect your emotions. Sit with your back straight for few minutes and you will start to feel better. (Check the body language section for more information).

Falling Prey to Negative Thinking

As soon as we feel down the negative thinking cycle starts. We start to perceive everything incorrectly, we anticipate more problems and as a result we feel even worse.

Any small negligible change may be considered a threat: your torn shoelace will become a great problem and not finding your other shoe will appear to be a gigantic one.

The solution to this problem is to break the cycle of negative thinking. Stop thinking of the new problems and start to think of how to solve the current ones. Don’t fall prey to your thoughts and your imagination but instead master them and don’t let them take control over you.

Know Your Enemy to end your bad moods

Knowing the reason behind your bad mood can be as effective as solving few small problems Simply because not knowing the reason behind your bad feelings is considered another problem which will be reflected in your bad mood too.

So to summarize the actions you need to do to end bad moods: Isolate your problems, start solving them one by one and don’t accumulate small ones. Break the cycle of negative thinking and you will reduce your bad feelings.

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