Top 5 reasons why people delete others from facebook

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can this be considered rejection?

Note that in this article i am not talking about the cases where deletion happens after a verbal fight or a rough argument but i am talking about the case where you wake up and find that someone who was on your friend list yesterday isn't there anymore.

I get many Emails from people who complain about the fact that they sometimes get rejected in a way or another. One of the ways of rejection so many people complain about is being deleted from Facebook.

But the question is: Is being deleted from Facebook a sign that you got rejected? Or does this have a completely different meaning?

In order to understand how you should interpret such an action you first need to get more idea about the way humans think and behave. In a previous article i said that humans get motivated to take an action only when they get emotionally charged.

For example, you won't take the decision to fight with someone on the street unless he has annoyed you to the extent that your anger levels went out of control.

The same exactly works for deletion from Facebook, A person would never delete you unless he got emotionally charged. In other words, deletion isn't a sign that a person doesn't care but in most cases its a sign that shows that the person thought about you a lot.

Top reasons why people delete others from Facebook

Here are few possible reasons:

  • 1) Hurt Ego & Revenge : This one personally happened to me. I once found a person who was on my list in the friend suggestions so i realized that i was deleted. Months later i found so many old messages from that person in my inbox that i didn't see. In other words when that person felt i don't want to answer her so she deleted me because her Ego was hurt
  • 2) Jealousy: Sometimes jealousy becomes too intense that a person won't be able to see your posts anymore. I have personally witnessed many cases where a person deleted another one just because he couldn't stand seeing his positive status.
  • 3) Was too weak to confront you: Sometimes a person gets emotionally charged because of one of your posts yet fail to find enough courage to confront you. In such a case the best soloution he finds is to delete you not to see your posts again
  • 4) Trying to get over you: So many people fail to get over others when they see their posts on daily basis and that's why they find no other soloution to forget them other than deleting them (see also 10 Ways to get over breakups fast)
  • 5) Emotional sensitivity: Sometimes a person becomes unable to deal with the emotions you provoke in him when you post certain things. Usually sensitive people take this step to prevent those emotions from being aroused and to protect their mood

This is why you got deleted

The person who deleted you isn't a one who doesn't care or a one who just found you boring but he is a person who got emotionally charged to the extent that he developed an eager desire to remove you.

In a previous article i said that the one who begins with deleting is the one who cares. After all if a person had no weight for you then you would never get emotionally charged enough to remove him and you will just be indifferent to his presence.

So why did it hurt you so much when you found out?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people always try to give reasons and find explanations to the events that they can't understand.

During that process most people connect the signs of rejections they get to the things they don't like about themselves. If for example a girl thinks that she is unattractive then she got deleted she will quickly assume that she was deleted because she is not attractive.

Here is another example, if a guy thinks that he is boring then he will assume that this was the reason he got deleted. In other words you get hurt when you discover you got deleted because of your already existing wounds and your incorrect interpretation of what happened.

The next time someone deletes you out of the blue don't get hurt. Just know that he is the one who got hurt in a way or another.

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