Do good people get rejected

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Does rejection mean i am bad?

In my previous article Does rejection mean you are ugly i explained how good looking people can get rejected even if the person who rejected them believes they look good.

Because i covered the looks argument thoroughly in that article i will focus on other things such as the personality traits in this one.

Can a great person get rejected?
Can someone reject you even though you are better than the one he is after?
Could someone reject you even though you are a really good person?

Yes this is quite possible and in this article ill show you that sometimes you can get rejected even if you were absolutely great.

How people see the world

The song "Remember me" is a popular song by Josh Groban which talks about people who leave their mark in life even after their death and so become immortals. This song is a rare piece of art that can inspire any ambitious person who wants to do great things in life and leave a legacy. (see also How to become a hero)

The song uses the words "Remember me" to explain how great people get remembered and how they live in the minds of those who know their stories.

Now when some people i know heard the song they believed that it was a romantic song talking about a person who wants his lover to remember him! They just interpreted the words in their own way transforming a great piece of art that talks about changing the world to a romantic song sang by a desperate lover.

Now why did those people interpret the song that way?
Why didn't they understand it?

Why did those people fail to understand the song?

Every person's perception of the world is affected by his beliefs, values and knowledge. The lack of appreciation of some great things in life by some people might only mean that those things were too complex for them to understand, not that those things were bad.

Each person sees the world from a different lens. A truly ambitious person who wants to leave a mark will certainly understand that song's purpose while a person who has nothing in mind but romance might believe that it was a romantic song.

So what does this has to do with rejection?
Didn't get the connection yet? People will form an idea about you based on their own knowledge, beliefs and background. Your extraordinary skills or great traits will certainly not get understood by some shallow people.

In other words, sometimes you get rejected not because you are bad but because you were perusing someone who is too shallow to understand your complexity.

What was my fault

I am not trying to say that you did nothing wrong. One of the mistakes you might have done is not introducing your qualities in a simple way that can be understood by the person you are pursuing. (see How to make someone fall in love with you)

An important part of communication skills is knowing how to reveal facts about yourself in an easy way that the average person can understand.

But what if someone got to know about these good qualities and yet rejected you?
In such a case there is a big possibility that you were too complex for that person to understand and that the problem is actually with his shallow mind not your personality.

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