How to become a hero

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Achilles the legendary

No one knows whether Achilles was a real person or whether he was just a fictional character. According to Homer's Iliad, which is an ancient Greek poem that describes how the war of troy took place, Achilles was the hero of the war.

While there is a debate that Achilles actually existed still the presence of his name in Ancient Greek scripts might actually be an indication that there was a Hero worth talking about at that time even if he wasn't as omnipotent as the poem described him.

Behind many of the legends we hear about is a great hero who became the central part of the legend as a result of his great deeds. Behind each legend is a man who did great things to the extent the world couldn't forget him.

How to become a hero

Why did the world fail to forget Achilles?
Why did the poets write about him?
Why do movie makers still remind us of that legendary hero?

Its because he has done something extraordinary at the time where everyone was an ordinary person. Achilles was very brave and extremely skilled to the extent that he used to kill tens of men in the battle and lead his army to victory.

So if we want to describe the reasons Achilles became a legend in a scientific way we would say:

  • 1)He chose to be different: Do you follow the path others have set for you? Do you act like the hundreds of people around you because you are afraid to be different? Did you join college because everyone else did? did you find a job because that's how everyone around you behaved when they completed their education? People don't remember replicas, do you remember the hundreds of people you see in the streets everyday? Most probably you only remember the ones who seem very special and forget about all the others.
  • 2) He equipped himself with the needed skills: Had Achilles been brave and that's it he would have been killed in the first battle and people wouldn't have remembered him for long. In order to master anything in life whether its a job, a sport or a way of communication with others you must work hard on developing your skills. Experts don't just get born but they are the result of months or even years of hard training (see Do i need to be talented in order to succeed)

How to live forever?

Immortality is not about living forever, its all about doing something extraordinary in such a way that your name lives even after you pass away. Heroes managed to do these extraordinary acts by choosing not to be like the crowd. They chose to be different, acted upon this choice and as a result they became legends even after they died.

If you want to live and die like the millions of people who follow the same path its up to you but no one will remember your name unless you dare to take a different path. (see also How to step out of your comfort zone)

In order to pursue that kind of path you need a different level of inspiration. If you are still listening to sad songs or feeding your mind with self defeating thoughts then you will never become a Hero. (see also How words change your brain and life)

Real heroes manged to find their source of inspiration in life and kept holding on to it.I personally found the following song the most inspiring when it comes to achieving greatness in life.

Remember Me-Josh Groban

This song is all about people who did really great things that made their names live forever.

Put in mind that what works for me might not work for you since people are different and that's why your job is to find what inspires you the most so that you can step out of your comfort zone and start pursuing greatness.

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