How can i achieve greatness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you want to be great?

You dream of being great, right?
It is a wonderful feeling thinking about it.
It fills your heart, doesn’t it?

but How can you achieve greatness?
If you want be like any person with a killer skill that you would just love to have, the first thing you should do is to practice the skill.

While this is a very great idea, it might also turn out to be a very bad one, depends.
What if you continue to practice it the wrong way over and over and over. What will you get? The perfect way to doing it wrong. (see also Why some people never learn from their mistakes)

The right way to master a skill

Practice means permanent greatness or … not
So as you see by now, the idea is not about practicing many times, but it’s about doing it correctly many times. Sometimes you figure out the correct way after many trials and errors, but why the waste of time when you can learn from the experts and use this time instead to practice correctly?

The best thing to do as you practice is to read and listen to experts with past experience on the topic because they usually have feedback on how to do it easily and better (in other words professionally). Einstein once said,”If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” (see also How to learn any skill)

Experts in the field or area you are trying to learn, whether it’s better communication skills with people, success in business or improving your handwriting, are experts because they understand it very well. Watching them or listening to them will give you so much insight on how to do it easier and greater.

Michael Jackson, for example, didn’t become a legend by practicing what he thought were the right moves. He studied closely the likes of James Brown and Jerry Lewis. He did it at home, in his living room, and he practiced correctly. Practicing the right way can mean the difference between good and great.

I tried so hard, I’m about to give up!

If you are saying this, congratulate yourself, for you are only one step away from greatness.

Think this is nonsense?
Let’s remember something that you have probably learned and practiced learning already. Like when you were learning to ride a bike or drive a car for example.

At some point, even though you were trying hard, you felt frustrated and maybe even wondered if you will really make it. The reason you carried through after this is probably because it was easy for you to believe that you were going to make it, like everyone eventually did. (see also do not tell me it can't be done)

When i started i was sure its gonna make me rich one day. Because i believed in myself i kept moving forward until this site made me a millionaire. (see my book How i did it)

So, I will give you a very good reason to believe it too, one that was the very same reason you succeeded in riding your bike or driving a car or even learning to speak in the first place. What I will do is quickly show you how our brains learn. In a minute, you will realize how close you are to greatness when you’re frustrated.

The 4 learning stages that your brain passes through

  • Stage 1: “Unconscious Incompetence”: At this stage, your brain has no idea that you can’t do a certain skill.
  • Stage 2: “Conscious Incompetence”: After you have tried, you brain realizes that it is not able to do a certain skill because it doesn’t have the necessary information to do so. (see also How the subconscious mind works)
  • Stage 3: “Conscious Competence”: Here you’re at the stage of collecting information and practicing it, problem is, you are still practicing it consciously. This is opposed to the skills that you do so well now, like speak or drive, you don’t do it consciously, you do them unconsciously without thinking about them. Think of how you sometimes drive when you are thinking of something else and find yourself ending somewhere you didn’t want to go or usually go to everyday. Also think of how you repeat a sentence before you write it to see if it sounds right without referring to grammar rules. In this stage though, you’re not there yet, you’re still practicing the information you’ve learned consciously. However, you do realize now that you’re one step away. If you stick through, just the way you stuck to the current skills that you already have, you’ll make it.
  • Stage 4: “Unconscious Competence”: You are here, because you chose to continue to this last step. Here you are great at whatever you wanted to be great at.
    Imagine being at this stage in everything great you want to achieve, stick through to it, and you will achieve the great life you have been dreaming of.

Whenever you give up, remind yourself, that when you were little you decided to continue to walk and talk and never gave up. Remind yourself of the millions of people who were very bad at things, and continued to practice correctly until they’ve achieved greatness no matter how old they were. It’s never too late, it’s about sticking through.
Your brain was created to achieve, so give it its time.

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