How to live an awesome life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to live an awesome life

How can you live an awesome life?

The best way i can answer this question is by telling you about people who live horrible lives as a result of the choices they made.

Sam always wanted to be a musician. He had this dream since he was 13. when he became 17 everyone started putting him down and telling him that he can never achieve his dream. Sam started to believe that its impossible to reach his dream by the age of 20.

Sam didn't want to admit defeat because such an confession would hurt his ego and ruin his self esteem. One day one of his friends sent him a book about acceptance and at this point Sam's mind made up a brilliant plan.

It made him believe that real happiness is in accepting the loss of his dream and as a result he lived his whole life trying to convince himself that he is happy because he accepts whatever happens to him. (see What does acceptance really mean)

Sam tried to convince himself that he is living an awesome life but something inside him always made him feel bad. Sometimes he gets bad moods without knowing the reason and in other times he feels indifferent. (see Why do people feel indifferent)

Sam's story is one of the billions of self deception life stories that people live. Its much easier to deceive yourself and do nothing then claim that you are happy than to take the hard way that can lead to a real awesome life.

Why isn't your life Awesome

There is a very big difference between accepting failure and deciding to give up.
Sam Got acceptance completely wrong and believed that giving up his dreams is a part of acceptance.

Sam tried to choose the easy way to live a comfortable life but because his subconscious mind understood the trick it cursed him by unhappiness and depression.

If you want to live an awesome life then you must understand that making your dreams become a reality is the only way to do it.

Give up, deceive yourself or even claim that you didn't want your dream that much and you will end up with a similar curse.

The difference between those who are fighting for their dreams and those who gave up on them is the same difference between a human being and a zombie.

Most people gave up on living an awesome life and decided to be zombies who live realities that are far away from the real dreams they had one day. (see How to reach your goals and dreams)

Those people feel lost,indifferent, sad and of course unhappy because one day they took the decision to accept defeat and make it a part of their realities.

This is how to live an awesome life

Your big dreams are what makes you a human being. Give up on them and you will turn into a living dead who knows nothing about true happiness.

The day you decide to give up on your dreams is the same day you allow your soul to commit suicide.

An awesome life can only be lived by a person who fights for something that has a real big meaning to him.

Zombies, people who deceive themselves and those who give up on their dreams see happiness on television while those who keep fighting for their dreams experience real happiness and life awesome lives when they reach them.

The day you decide to give up on your big dreams is the same day you decide that you will never ever life an awesome life

The choice is yours, do you want to be a happy human?
or another living dead?

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