Why is the facebook news feed not good for your mental health

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is Facebook Good for you

This article is part two of my article Does checking Facebook make you unhappy?. In Part one i explained how coming across the right content in the wrong time can actually ruin your mood. If for example you weren't in the mood to talk about politics then saw some posts about the elections you might actually feel a bit worse.

On the other hand if few hours later you felt like talking about politics but saw status about sports your mood will change to the worse as well.

In this article i will won't talk about the negative effect of seeing something when you are not in the mood but i am going to talk about the effect of negativity in general on your mood and life.

Why is the Facebook news feed not good for your mental health

Can you tell what's the root cause of all problems in life?
What is the one factor that is responsible for all negative emotions in the world?

Its the belief system that has negative beliefs. If you think you are not prepared for an exam then you will feel anxious, if you believed that there is no way out then you will get depressed while if you believed that you are no good then you will lose your self confidence.

In other words, its the formation of negative beliefs that causes all the major unwanted emotions. Now the important question is, what does the Facebook News feed has to do with all this?

Its all about the way beliefs are formed. Beliefs are formed by repetition provided that you don't have strong opposing evidence. If each morning someone told you that life is unfair either directly or indirectly through subtle words then after some time this belief will became a fact for you. (see also How to make affirmations work)

Whatever we get exposed to everyday becomes a part of our belief system. As we keep getting exposed to those same suggestions the belief becomes stronger and stronger.

How facebook changes your beliefs

Most of the updates you will find in the newsfeed can be categorized under the negative suggestions category. You will be amazed how many of the jokes that make you laugh are actually criticizing something that is really negative. (see also Assessing a person's beliefs using jokes)

All of these posts, complains, negative comments, emotionally charged debates and unpleasant reminders come together and change your beliefs about yourself, others and the world.

After some time those negative beliefs in your mind will start radiating negative thoughts as well and you will go on posting negative stuff yourself. In other words, in most cases checking the Facebook news feed might not be a good idea.

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