Yet Another Reason Why Depression Happens

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Antidepressants suck

In spite of the fact that depression is one of the easiest disorders to understand so many people still get puzzled when they find themselves depressed. Lets suppose you had a cooking pan full of boiling water and that you wanted to stop the water from boiling.

Does it make any sense to place a cooling material inside the pan?
Of course this solution is nonsense because sooner or later the water will boil again and it will never stop unless the fire under it is turned out.

In other words, turning out the fire is the right thing to do because its the only permanent solution that can prevent the water from ever boiling again.

Now what does all this has to do with depression? People who try to cure depression with antidepressants are like the ones who try to keep the water cool even though its placed above a burning fire!

Why Depression Happens

Motivation comes from the psychological needs we develop through our lives. The boy who studies to become the first in school does so because he has developed a desire to be the first.

Now these psychological desires we develop vary in importance and priority. If someone failed to fulfill one of the not so important psychological desires then most probably nothing will happen.

But what if someone failed to fulfill one of his most important psychological needs?
What if a very ambitious person ended up washing dishes?
What if a showy person worked on a rig in the middle of the desert?
What if a girl who values freedom was forced to stay at home by her husband?

In all of the previous cases depression will happen. The psychological desires we develop provide us with tremendous amounts of motivation. The showy person ( a psychological desire) will keep showing off throughout his life.

How does that person get all that energy? Its because a psychological drive can provide a person with endless amounts of motivation.

But what happens if this motivation weren't put in the correct place? What if something blocked the path to the release of this tremendous amount of energy?

Depression, motivation and needs

If the showy person in the previous example had to be isolated because of work then all of his energy and motivation will find no way to be released and as a result he will get depressed.

In other words, you can think of depression as a state where a very large amount of energy got blocked inside the body. All of the energy this person was going to use to show off has now became a burden. As a result of this heavy burden this person might find himself unable to go out of bed.

Its just that a tremendous amount of energy that wasn't channeled correctly is now directed towards him.

So how can someone get over depression?
Understand your psychological needs perfectly then work on getting them fulfilled, only then the energy that causes depression will turn into a motivational energy once again.

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