7 life mistakes that can cause depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What causes depression?

For the many depression appears like a hard to understand condition. With so many incorrect information written by misinformed people about depression on the web its really easy to get lost while seeking your answers.

An emotion is your mind's way of attracting your attention. When you feel bored for example your mind is actually trying to tell you that there is something much more important out there than what you are currently doing.

Depression is also a message as well and the reason so many people stay depressed for prolonged periods is they fail to understand that message.

While there are hundreds of reasons that lead to depression still they can all be grouped under few major categories. The next list will tell you about the major causes of depression so that you can either avoid them or develop an action plan if you were already depressed.

7 life mistakes that can cause depression

  • 1) Lost dreams: Do you remember the important life goal you had few years ago? Are you still working on it or did you just forget about it and moved on with your life. Depression is sometimes nothing more than a message from your mind to draw your attention to the important goals and dreams you stopped working on
  • 2) Loss of hope: Sometimes you might feel depressed even though you are already working on your important goals. This happens when you believe that the plans you are following are not going to work. In other words, depression can be no more than a state of loss of hope (see also Why medications aren't the solution for depression)
  • 3) Failure to replicate the good past: So many people get depressed when their lives become very different than their pleasant past. If for example you were always the first in school or college then suddenly found yourself a normal employee (like everyone else) in a new company then you might get depressed (see also How to treat depression)
  • 4)Believing that you lost the irreplaceable: The most common example for this case is the people who understood love incorrectly in such a way that they started believing in the soul mate concept. After all if a person believes that there is only one perfect match for him out there then he will get depressed if the relationship with that soul mate didn't work (see also How to get over a breakup in few days)
  • 5) Time conscious achievers: A time conscious person will always be focused on the passage of time. If that person wanted to make certain achievements before he hits a certain age then there is a very big possibility that he will get depressed if he didn't make it by that time. (see also How time affects your mood and emotions
  • 6) Lack of understanding of personal needs: Happiness happens when you satisfy your most important needs. Some people fail to satisfy those needs simply because they don't understand them. If you don't know what makes you happy then certainly you are going to get depressed
  • 7) A life style that doesn't match your needs: Whether its a very stressful job, a horrible marriage or anything else that you don't really like getting exposed to such pressures can surely lead to depression

So what can you do about it?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how the first step in dealing with depression is understanding it. Now that you have a basic idea about the possible cause of your depression its time to develop an action plan to combat it.

Lets suppose that you were depressed because of reason #3 failure to replicate the good past, in such a case your mission in life should change to doing your best until you become the first in your company just like you were in your school.

Even before you achieve your goals you will realize that you are feeling much better simply because your mind will withdraw the signal it sent when it realizes that you are actually working on a plan.

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