One of the most inspirational videos ever

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

One of the most inspirational videos ever

I saw that video 2 days ago and i was really amazed of the effect it had on me. The video got me so emotional that i wasn't aware of my surroundings until it ended.

The video is composed of so many scenes scavenged from popular movies and real life situations that happened to great people.

As a psychologist i couldn't hold myself from analyzing the video to find out the exact components that made it that powerful. And the great news is that the findings i came up with can be used to help you motivate yourself in times where you feel really down.

Before i go on with the analysis you first need to see the video:

Why is that video so powerful?

You might think that this video is so motivating because it has nice music and so many motivating scenes but the truth is that there are so many videos out there with the same components yet they are not that effective. Of course the motivational music in this video is one of the great motivating factors in it but there is something far deeper than the music.

The video begins by asserting your beliefs instead of forcing you to believe in other beliefs that doesn't match the ones in your subconscious mind.

"The world is a very mean and nasty place", "It will beat you down to the ground" and "Pain can last for weeks or even a year" are all phrases that assert your current beliefs.

Then suddenly the phrase "If you quit it will last forever" reminds you of a very important fact which is that the pain associated with quitting far more outweighs the pain of doing hard work.

But at this moment you might start to recall the facts and believe that there is no hope and this is when the next scene starts to slowly show you that you still have a chance "One half a stop too early and you don't make it, one half a step too late and you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us!"

As a result you might start to think that you have little hope. Then comes the next scene which reminds you of your dreams and the things you care about the most "You have a dream you gotta protect it"

Then comes another powerful reminder of your dreams "look deep down, who do you really want to be?". Next comes the what if questions which give you more hope "Why can't i be the best player? Why can't i get what i want?"

Then finally you are given two choices, to stay where you are or to fight for your dreams "we can stay here. Get the shit kicked out of us or we can find our way back, we can climb out of hell. One inch at a time"

The motivating psychological components in the video

So from a psychological point of view what are the motivating components in this video?

  • 1) Doesn't tell you nonsense: If you were down then i began by telling you that life is bright and that everything will be OK your subconscious mind will resist so hard then negative thoughts will rise (see also How to use words to motivate people)
  • 2) Shows that there is hope (in a logical way): By telling you that you still have hope in a way that your subconscious mind accepts it helps you become optimistic. (see also How to give a motivational speech)
  • 3) Reminds you of your dreams: When you remind yourself of your dreams your mind will allocate energy to help you reach them provided that step two is already done (having hope) else you will feel depressed or indifferent

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