Why cheating in exams today can kill your motivation 5 years later

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How your mind works

What's the connection between cheating in an exam today and losing motivation years later?

In order to understand the connection between both events you need to first know how the mind works.

Your subconscious mind, the part of your mind responsible for believes and emotions, works as a separate entity.

For example you might do your best to use all of your brain parts to control the fear you get before a presentation but fail to do it. That fear was experienced because your subconscious mind, which works as a separate entity, had a reason to send it.

In the Solid confidence program i said that in order to build self confidence you need to prove to your subconscious mind (this separate entity) that you are worthy. This is why performing presentations many times successfully will dramatically reduce the fear you experience the next time you attempt to do one.

Because your subconscious mind noticed that you actually improved it started believing in you and withdrawing the fear. So the conclusion is: the subconscious mind is like a stranger that watches over you and it needs some evidence from you before it can help you do something.(see also How your subconscious mind affects your behaviour)

Why cheating in exams today can kill your motivation 5 years later

In order for your subconscious mind to help you change a belief or reach a goal there must be some kind of trust between you both. If your subconscious mind believes in anything you say then it will support you with positive emotions.

In a previous article about affirmations i said that they can actually lower your confidence if your subconscious mind didn't believe in them.

In other words, Trust between you and your subconscious mind is crucial for it to help you change a belief. Now what happens when you go against your values is that your subconscious mind starts distrusting you and putting low weight to your words.

When you lie, cheat or go against your values in any way your subconscious mind will place less weight on what you say and so it will barely change your emotions based on your words.

If for example you repeated affirmations they won't affect you because your subconscious mind already knows that you have integrity problems and that your words might not be correct.

Motivation and integrity

Motivation happens when your subconscious mind believes in your plans or to put it in a different way when it believes in the words in your plans. Now what if your words didn't have much value? What if your subconscious mind believes that your words aren't really worth believing in?

What if your subconscious mind knows that you cheat and lie to yourself? It will certainly never believe in the plans or the promises you make.

Because motivation can only happen when your subconscious mind believes in your plans you will need more than words to motivate yourself if you cheat and lie often.

On the other hand if you stopped cheating and lying your subconscious mind will eventually start trusting you and you will be able to motivate yourself by simply thinking about your future plans or making simple promises to yourself.

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